SIESCOMS Class of 2007-09 XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hi guys,
I think one of the most upcoming institutes in Mumbai SIESCOMS
I am starting this thread for all u guys who have converted it...Do put in your profile n also if u wud carry on to take admission or not...
This wud help us to :-
1)Get to know each other.
2)Let the people who...
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All kudos to my peers, momentum seems to be accelerating.

I believe all my friends would agree with me, we the batch of SIEScoms 07-09 will make the flagship event of SIES Virtualities a landmark in the yrs to come.....

The passion, excitment, energy displayed by my colleagues across the spectrum will certainly enhance the magnitude & scale of the event.

Before i could brief my peers anymore on proceedings of virtualities I feel its imp to share
a couple of mega events designed by different streams.....

Among which the most touching is the WALKATHON. Let me accolade the conceptualizers of this event on the occasion of 75 anniversary of SIES Which inspires a deep sense of need to reflect and act on the major threat to worlds existence .Yes, u guessed it right ....
Day after Tommorow ...Global warming . We the student community of SIES realize & advocating to build awareness on this cause .

we Feel, we believe & realize we be the reason .
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Hello people.
This is amol a.k.a Cyborg here.
Done my Computer Science Engineering.
Have three month work experience in Colgate India.
Currently in first PGDBA course SIES.
Hello all ..
Seems that I have missed a lot of fun...down here...
For all those who dont me (actually everyone)
I am Prasad ..
a Commerce graduate ..
25 mnths exp (10 mnths- Private Equity Broker & 15 mnths with Maersk Lines) ..
also worked with my father in his business for 6 ...
oh ok...
hey i'll e going to college tmrw for my research project work...
will try finding out..thats only if someone is there to answer it...
c yaa!!
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HI GUYS HRD hrd tht dte is delayng the start of mms
lot of colleges r starting on 14 or 16th
can anybody confirm whn the college wll begin????? coz tommorow is sunday nd i thnk the office will be closed
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hehe sure buddy!!!
but trust me...
honestly bro!!! its pretty diff to adjust .......2 weeks i'll say enjoy n do whatever u want...
cuz u r gunna enter a place which will demand a rigorous schedule...
But I'm sure with the kinda faculty here..u'll surely get the right guidance and yaar...
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Monday, we wait for Monday..... Vaibhav brother, enjoy the last 2 days, b4 the grind.....
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hehe....welcome dude!!!
i am sure u r dieingggg to come in right??!!!
Hey heres the life@ SIESCOMS that we made...do chk it out n keep posting!!!
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Arre amol kyu mujh jaise bacchon ki le rahe..... pehle hi 120 logon se birthday bums milne waale hai... abe MMS waale bhi aa gaye..... im gonna be real sore on the 13 th
Neways MMS junta we can hardly wait for u guys to come... i guess we share one thing in common, both me and you guys begin a...
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hey i guess MMS buddies will join up on the 13th right??
hmm kewl...
vaibhav dude...apna Vikram sir's birthday is on that day....hehe
so u know wher to head...newaz...whers the other junta...i think u got an orkut group...bring them on pg man...its fun..lolzzz
n yaa
heres the life...
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Welcome to all the MMS junta, we await the 13th..... For more than one reasons
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hey adil...welcome aboard...
Anmol here from SIESCOMS PGDBA!!!
hope u r on orkut group too...
c ya n ATB
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hi vaibhav this is adil mms07-09 a ignou graduate no work ex.. wait for along time to take admission in SIES hope to see you in class
hey dude congo,
nice to see som of my batchmates here,
college starts frm 13th
so our mba journey frm thn,
tc care buddy,
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yep pgdba nd mms r diffrnt in som ways
pgdba is aitce approved while mms is mumbai university approved
mms syallabus is designed by mumbai university while pgdba is designed by the college in accordance with the current market trends
fees also differs its around 3.60 lakhs for pgdba nd 2...
Hi... Is there any difference between PGDBA and MMS at SIES?
To all the MMS guys of SIESCOMS 07 - 09 batch, a hearty welcome to the institute of choice.. With every year, there are significant improvements happenin.. we require your support to take the institute to a level never imagined before as its the students who build the reputation of the institute....
hey lakshmi...
welcome to the gang!!!
i hope u r on the orkut community too...
orkut - Login
lots of things happening /have happened..hehe
chk it out...
tc n ATB