SIESCOM 2010-2012 Batch Admission Queries XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hi ALL MBA Aspirants,
I am starting this thread to answer all your queries regarding SIESCOMS admission process. Please feel free to put forward any queries or doubts that you have and I will try my best to answer all your questions :)
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    The placements are on in full swing. As of now I do not have figures of average package cos those figures are released only after the entire process is over. Just some days back Asian paints had come for placements and next week vodafone is coming. Last week it was tata housing and again some day...
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    hmmmm can someone from SIES throw some light on the placements going on this year ??????
    Dude to answer your queries separately
    1) No the placement is not separate for MMS and PGDM students. When the company comes in both the MMS and PGDM students sit together for the same company
    2 & 3) It's very difficult to rate toughness of getting into SIES, the college does consider a lot...
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    Please tell me...
    Q1. Is placement generally the same for MMS n PGDM students? I mean do the companies treat the 2 courses diffrently while recruiting?
    Q2. How tough it is to get into SIES PGDM? I am average scorer in entrance exams. I got 99 %ile in MAT n around 91%ile in MH-CET last year....
    hey dude...
    The placement procedures are different for different companies that come to Campus but from the placement procedures that I have seen till now, they usually start with a GD and then have a PI(number of PI rounds vary).. Overall the company decides the entire procedure.
    As for th...
    Hey Krish
    Firstly best of luck and hopefully your dream of getting into SIES is fulfilled.
    To answer your questions
    1) No it is not compulsory to give the all India entrance exam you can give the SIES exam itself, the only reason that it is better to give an all India exam is that the b...
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    thanks a lot for ue help....... also can u let me know which specialisation most students like to go for at SIES ??? and how does placements work.... wud there be tests conducted by companies at campus alogth interviews or placement companies just have interviews for slecting candidates ??
    Hey Rahul
    The test is held at three centres Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. The test usually consists of approximately 50 questions for 30 minutes and areas such as quant, logic and VA are tested.
    Hope I helped you out.
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    Hi sir,I am really very keen to get into SIES...I have few queries,i hope you don't mind answering them...
    1)Is it compulsory to attend any all India entrance,or I can directly give SIES's own test???If it is compulsory then,what is the minimum score which will make me eligible for the test???...
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    well thanks a lot u answered my querry and the SIES test will be held at SIES or i can give it in delhi as well......????
    and if u can let me know what areas will be tested... no of questions and breakup of sections if that info is available
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    Rahul, Your MAT scores would definitely be considered but it is compulsory to give the SIES test. The reason behind this is that finally the best score is considered which gives you a better chance of getting thru.
    Also its very difficult to predict the percentile cut off, so I won't be doing...
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    well i gave december mat.... and reqstd my score to be sent to sies....
    for pgdm will CAt/ MAt scores be considered as well or is it compulsary to give sies's test....... & also if u can let me know what min. Percentile will get me a call from SIES for PGDM...... for both CAT & MAt dec. ... a...
    Yes its true that SIESCOMS have their own admission testes. As of now these are the dates.
    1.Sale of forms start on :21st December 2009
    2.LAST DATE of sale of forms :20th February 2010
    3.Last date of submission of completed forms :22nd ...
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    Is it true that they have their own admission tests? If yes, what is the tentative time?
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