Queries regarding MANAGEMENT QUOTA seats in SYMBIOSIS XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

hi friends,
I have seen that many of the people do not know how to apply for the management quota seats in Symbiosis..........
feel free to post your queries here....... I will be more then happy to solve them....... [smiley]
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Can someone please give a brief on the admission thru Management quota in symbiossis various colleges.Like the process , last date of application , selection criteria .....
thanks in advance!
hey guys
now that the result will be out in a few mins, wats the process of getting thru the management quota ??:|
This thread doesn't seem to have been active for quite a while.Maybe if u post your query in the specific institute's thread,the seniors can help u out.ATB
What is the procedure for applying to SIBM and SCMHRD through management quota?????
Guyz SCHMRD gonna make good business dis dis ....coz THE MGT QUTA fees sturcuture inclinesup OMG its 18.5 lakh for 2 years ....;(
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Can U tell me the chances of getting admission in SCMHRD /SIIB through management quota with a score of 37.5.my previous academic results is like this: X-72
Graduation-79...will this be accounted at the time of admission through management quota?
i just now checked out the SIMS registration page.there are only 2 categories-defense and industry sponsored in the mandatory field called 'category'.i belong to neither.does that mean that i am not eligible even for management quota in SIMS?
No, FORE doesn't have management quota seats.
thanks....is there any provision of management quota in FORE??
go thru first few pages of this thread...
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i think the cost of the seat is close to 15 lakhs!! i confirmed it from a few people.
hi All,
Can anyone tell me what is the procedure for applying management quota?
Is there any specific form that is available for this???
please reply...
I have few questions:
Has anyone here got into SIBM (P&B;) or SCMHRD through MQ?
What is the minimum SNAP score that would get you through MQ?
Are these MQ seats filled completely every year?
going by the previous posts.. MQ in SYMBI is a big JOKE! seats are sold even b4 d exams are held. wit a score of 99 also no MQ admission was shocking!
Hi... all frnds... I m in my final year of BCA. n im going for Snap dis dec.2009 & by chance or luck if i got admission in Symbosis, pune college, means next year june 2010 d coll wil start.. now my ques is if i have 2 backs(BCA) in last sem that is in 6th sem... & i alredy got admission to SIMB,...
What is the use of SNAP score when a person is opting for management seat ... any how he is paying more ... Do the score matter for getting in through management quota
hey puys,
can anybody plz tell me wat is the procedure to get MQ seat in simb or siib ....i have already applied for snap test in general quota bu can not find any link for mq??
well bro the fees of SIBM in MQ is 14.5lkh for 2 years and others institutional charges like exam fess ect r seperate
if the procedure is followed then the chances at 45% of the total score are very good....
the fees for MQ last year was double the fees for normal program...
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Hello.. frndsz I want information regarding management Quota in SIMB, pune.
if my score is upto 45%.. what r the chances of getting admission der... under MQ in
SIMB, pune... Plz tell me what r the fees(under Manag Quota..) for total course MBA... atleast tel any rough figure.. I m ging ...