Pune...which colleges to apply... XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

hiya ppl,
After my disastrous performance in CAT,the fact is slowly begining to sink in that I would never make it to the IIM's or any of the top 10-20 bschools in India,not atleast this year.
I always knew CAT was tuff,but boy!!! CAT this was a catastrophe,atleast for me.
I am now serio...
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SCMLD Hey, No need to worry.Have a look at EMPLOYABILITY &.... 21 Feb.
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hiii aparna
i have got these figures from some of my friends are studying there...i think so u r a student there...if these figures are misleading then i say sorry to all of those puys..and of course i am going to delete it ...i hope u could give more exact details ab placement ab indira campu...
these fig are not correct....Abhay. plz can i knw where did u get this info frm????
my mah CETscore is hardly 78%ile....
ATMA 98 %ile
feb MAT 99.67 %ile
i am OMS candidate.
plzz lemmo no if i can get a descent colg.
Dear Abhay, may I know from where did u got those figures abt placements at Indira & Sinhgad ?
Last yr first round cut-off 4 indira was 142. So, score around 30-32 marks in gdpi to be on the safer side.
hello....i have made it to ISB&M; viman nagar campus....should i got ahead with the admission procedure ??!!
Hi every1...
i m a pune university student.. hv scored 115 in cet i.e 96.42 percentile..
wht r my chances of getting into pumba or indira ???
Check out for BIMM and SCMLD.... donno about their last date but shayad baki hoo
seeing that you are currently located in Pune...u'd do well to go and check out Indsearch urself.nothing better than talking to the junta who are currntly there.
can u plz give info. abt pune b-schools which r still left for there admission procedure..
if its a ok-ok coll thn also plz inform..
and if anybody hve heard abt indsearch coll..and hows it if u know..plz inform..
thnk u!!!
well i m not trying here to be judgemental..so i will give u some figures and information to decide urself..
indira college- three campuses in pune
wakad , shivajinagar, pimpri-chinchwad... out of this wakad is its main campus..rest of branches has been opened in recent years..
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hii friend
this isa ab sinhgad vadgaon
fee structure:
4.75 lac (for pgdm and one pune univ.course) .u have to pay th entire amount in one time otherwise fee is around 5.5 lac..in two instalment.
for m.b.a (pune university) fee is around 1.5 to 1.6 lac for two year..
now ab placem...
Check out last year's cutoffs for these colleges from the DTE website to get an idea about ur chances.
see if PG has ne threads on ths collgs to know more about them.
yes..i am an open category student...what are my chances for sinhgad vadgaon and MITSOM ??? ...are the colleges worth applying???
hey...sorry to tell u but if you are from Open Category, no chance for PUMBA n even Indira.
Hey Playah.9 ...i believe ur from PUMBA...can u pls answer my query? ...im a mumbai student...scored 113 in CET...95.90%tile...do i hav a chance for PUMBA or indira?
Hi, I am a mumbai unvi student, im a BE in eletronics..scored 113 in CET...95.90%tile...what are my chances in PUMBA or Indira?? ..should i go for Sinhgad vadagaon and MITSOM ????...can seniors pls help me out here...this must be my 10th post amongst various threads...i havent recived any replies...
Hey...last year Indira closed at 148 for GOPENO (open category) so looks quite impossible at this score.
yaar howzz d coll. worth doing mba.how d placement n al
ya it is opposite the venu where COMMON WEALTH GAMES Were held