PUMBA welcomes the young Turks of class 2009 XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Greetings to all my batchmates,
Please post your profile and other details in short, Mine is as follows:
Name : Brijesh Pandey
Place: Bombay
SSC: St. Mary's , Bombay
HSC: St. Xaviers's , Bombay,
Grad: D.Y Patil College of Engg, Electronics, Pune, 2005
Work Ex: 18 months as ...
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Can anyone tell me are the Vaccancy Against Cancellation forms released?

Thanks in advance
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[hello evry body
Name :sheel kumar
Place: kolkata
Grad: bba (pursuing )
Work Ex: 0.
Hobbies: Reading,listning music
We guys from PG(PUMBA) have decided to have an informal meet with all the Pagalguys who have joined PUMBA this year. SO we have decided the following....
Date:- 18th August 2007
Time:- 1:30 PM
Venue:- Assemble in Classroo...
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Hello everyone,
Have finally got a seat in the last CAP Round.. me joining pumba from this sat...
have lots of things to cover up.. must have missed quite alot especially the induction...
My profile...
SSC : St. Mary's Udaipur
HSC : St. Mary's Udaipur
Grad : Engineering fro...
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From Pune station its hardly 4-5 kms..
possible ways are PMT BUS and ofcourse your own vehicle!!
Time taken depends upon the commuting time and traffic.:neutral:.still it"ll take around 15 mins..
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I knw rong place to ask... but how far is Pumba from Pune station ? possible ways to get there ?? how long will it take ?:nervous:
Greetings to my batchmates,
The new thread life at PUMBA has been launched, please flood the thread by pouring in your experience:
Brijesh Pandey
hey guyz today we had our induction..
it was awesome..
isnt it? esp the food..
what docs are required for domicile is lc ok?
Get well soon mate:)
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i would if i could move that freely cant make the journey frm mumbai to pune in car too painful...
Hey pun:),
Welcome to the other side........man many hardcore active pagalguys this year:)
Sad...u will not be able to make.....(I wud still wanna force to 2 jus go....u ave to just sit and njoi the function....will set the platform for u guys.....do not miss it for nething)
....all PUMB...
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to seniors and my batchmates,
hey guys got a frozen shoulder so wont make it to induction wont make it till atleast 8th...pls tell me about the imp things and timetable
DTE does not control PUMBA schedule.....the connection wid DTE ends here and as an autonomous institute...PUMBA will initiate Trimester 1 as per its own time table, other CET colleges have "JUST" 2 semesters every year.....PUMBA has 3, wid exams every 2 months and the continous evaluation process...
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i believe that the placements at pumba batch- 2009 will depend on the fallowing 4 factors
1st the growth in indian economy
2nd the growth of city pune
3rd the growth of pumba college
4th individual records and efforts
the 3 top factors will be working on o...
the classes will begin on 6th onwards as pere the documents given by pumba authorities
but exact details will ber announced during induction period
Hey puys
I had been to PUMBA on saturday for completing the admission formalities & was told that we will be having our induction program from 1st Aug. So if there is any change as per the dte notification then I guess we will get to know @ it on 1st Aug.
C u all on 1st
Greetings Deepali,
PUMBA extends to you a warm welocme. Welcome to the pride. See you on 1st of Aug.
Brijesh Pandey.
Class of 2009
hey even i was a project trainee in zensar for my B.E prj...