Prepare with FMS 100 Percentiler XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Dear FMS aspirants
As FMS exam is around, we are starting this thread for answering entrance exam related queries. You can ask your questions directly from topper of last year exam (maxpadaku). We also have, on board, other toppers to handle the queries.
Please restrict the conversation onl...
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dont worry cut-offs are like to be low this time
hope for the best
guys.....paper ne to baja di........maths was the section that screwd my complete paper.........65 attemts only.......wasted a lot of time in qa.........rest 3 sections were cool....i think accuracy is good but attemts are very less.......i lost it....
i think u can make it if ur accuracy isnt dat bad....cut offs shud be around 250-280 i guess...
shit man............. could not do wellll
only 87 attemptsssssssss and that too in verbally focussed
yeh to hath se pakka gaya yaaron
good newwwsssssss m freeeee now.
whewwwwwwwwwwwwww...wat an xam.....i had a headache by the end of it...have attempted 98 ques..wnder hw many f them r correct...all the best for your results evrybody....
I AM FINALLY a free man now
LOOKING at the paper, one can ...
FMS...here we come..! =)
All the best everyone 4 fms
FMS has uploaded (size 1.21 MB), for the first time, a copy of "Instructions to the Candidates" for the benefit of all candidates who may not have received their Admission Ticket till now. http://www.fms.edu/downloads/FMS%20E...structions.pdf.
All eligible candidates, listed in the Website's l...
All the best everybody.......
i dont think that gk qns wud appear. It hasnt come last as well.
Akk the best everyone
hi max,
are gk qns a sure thing to appear?? wat abt the prev yrs?? ::
Please read previos threads written by me.
Very difficult to comment...(becuase we have no eaxct information)
1. Last year someone who attempted exactly 95 got calls from both the courses...considering 80 % accuracy (which is on higher side)..he would have scored around 300...
2. I believe yours is borderline score..
3. Just ana...
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sir can u please tell me how many correct attempts would fetch 50%ile in EU considering 35 questions like last year
According to what i read in different forums for FMS for VA every year there has been a change in question type. Still you can expect to get qs atleast 2 or 3 among the following: Idioms,Figure of Speech,FIB-which are relatively simple n u can save time too,word replacement-again on the ...
I am having a fight with the speed in RC...I generally take arnd 10-12 min in a RC of arnd 1500 words...
I am also having some problems with the quant of higher level...
Whts the correct way to approach 175 questions in 120 min keeping this thing in mind that the score should be almost equa...
Hey Nitesh,
I have attempted FMS08 paper as a test and scored below scores...
48- DI
do u think these scores'll fetch me calls..?