[Official] XLRI (XAT2012) 2012-14 BATCH GDPI SHORTLIST OUT XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Shortlisted for Interview Results 2012: XLRI Jamshedpur. [smiley]
Good Luck Everyone
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@visionIIM-ACL sir,
I think this thread has served its purpose,
So it is my humble request to close this thread.
Next Season Will Be Ours.
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@slipstream100 wat was ur percentile in qa section in xat 2012??????
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Rejected in Both HR and BM. Was a little sad but a day full of roaming and shopping with friends in Old Delhi cheered me up.
So now Joka beckons next year.
Big congrats to all who have converted.
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ya its out
XLRI Admission Results 2012
check whether your XAT ID Appears
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Yup, go to XL home page. There is link to results there.
Best of Luck
Congratulations to all the converts!!
Good luck to all the waitlisters..... :)
For your reference:
FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/286196051466088/
Orkut : orkut -
Since most of us cannot access fb in office, it would be easier to take your queries on Orkut!
Congratulations to every one who got through and good luck for those waitlisted .
I am relatively new to Pagalguy :grin:.. So hi puys !!
I got through HR I have 2 questions :
1) FB group ka link ??
2) Anyone from Bangalore-HR - 10th March - panel 1??
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Also please tell me how to delete posts in pagalguy ... thoda confused
WL # 7 for BM.
edit: w/l tracker put up & removed(will be put up by mods)
Converted Both !!
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Another reject....REjected in BM and HRM both...feels lyk .....:biggrin:
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Here is the link for last year W/L tracker.
W/L tracker for 2011-13 batch
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100! aint relying on its conversion honestly
Congrats..wats ur WL in HRM?
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