[Official] SCMLD Query Thread XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Dear Puys
It is my pleasure to introduce SCMLD, Pune (Sadhana School of Management and Leadership Deveplopment) Official Admission query thread for PG users. This thread will be useful to get information on the b-school's application process, admission criteria, important dates, course structu...
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Applicants may read this carefully. We are candid and truthful in our transactions and relationships. You have to work hard and shape up. Below are the rules we communicate to companies and follow at the institute. The rules below will not be diluted for any one.
Placement Rules: http://scmld.org/placement%20rules.html

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    Hello Sparsh,We are starting admission process for 2013 batch shortly.
    A new thread is coming up for that shortly.
    will keep upadating.
    Hi My name is Sparsh and i want to take admission for the 2013-2015 batch, can you please tell me by when the notification be issued for the same and also the admission procedures for your leadership program along with the MBA from IGNOU.
    Await your reply.
    Hi Avinash i want to know when is SCMLD entrance test for 2012 ..i am looking for admission for batch 2013-2015. when will be notification would be issued ..hoping for reply
    Thanx sir for replying . i have one more question how many students last year have passed the IGNOU exam as from my information Doing MBA from IGNOU is a herculean task.there were many who said, it is very tough to complete the course fromIGNOU and the % of drop outs are huge compared to any oth...
    Dear Ankit
    Thanks for your post. I am glad to see the concern you have raised.
    1. The batch strength we are looking is 100-120. As the market has also gone down drastically of MBA so if we get the desired & Sadhana type students - we will be extremely happy.
    2. The issue you have raised...
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    Sir, What is the strength of 2012-14 batch?
    and i have heard that now u r selecting any body just to fill seats? will it does not affect the type of students ?
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    Dear Swapnil - We might conduct a process there but it depends on how many students are there. These places we have got lot many students who have applied that's why we are visiting these cities.
    Anyways will keep you updated as and when the plans firms up.
    Avinash Singh
    When you are having in Chandigarh ??
    Sir any plans to visit Nagpur once again?
    (As You mentioned team is visiting UP,Bihar,CG,Punjab etc.)
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    Sadhana Centre for Management & Leadership Development announcing the last phase of admissions process for the batch 2012-13/14. The team is visiting Punjab, Himachal, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Bihar, Chattishgarh & Uttar Pradesh for the process.
    All those who are interested, willing, want to fee...
    Pleasures are all mine - Look forward to see you here. The bridge batch has started from today with a bang. Cheers.
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    Dear Friends,please join the fb Group for SCMLD 2012-14 Batch
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    Hey vishal, will u plz let us know d details for loan from SBI....? wht oll we need 2 do.?
    Thank You so much Avinash Sir for posting replies to our querries :)
    ThnQ fr d abov info.Yeah i know shruti iz well placed at Aditya Birla Management Corporation, meet her recntly whn she
    came 2 jmu.Nys will keep in touch wd n u too plz keep guiding me.
    Aakriti Sharma.
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    Cheers & SBI do provide as we have many in the batch who have taken loan from SBI.
    Send a mail to admissions email id & within 7 working days you will get the refund amount cheque from our side without any deductions.
    Cheers & All the best :-)
    Very rightly you have not seen us in any ranking coz we don't participate in any rankings. If you will just go through the rankings in detail you will get to understand the authenticity of it.
    Request you to visit the earlier posts & the website to understand us better. And if any other query...
    You have to get in touch with your concerned bank manager of local bank branch. We can provide all the details related to the placements for this batch & last batches as well. Once they get convinced, they will for sure provide it. Every year students takes loan from various banks so you have to...