[Official] IIFT 2014-16 MBA(IB) Discussion XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Last year's cut-off(not official, only indicative)general arnd 50OBC arnd 46Please keep in mind this changes each year with difficulty levelSectional Cut-OffsQA 6GK 1.667LR & DI 8.917VA 7 €‹
IIFT Helpline (7pm-10pm)
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sanjeetkumar @aquarian_toughguy both. 12 Nov '13.
saichanakya Hi havent received my admit card by post yet. Am unable .... 18 Nov '13.
Can't we download the admit card from their website??
prod WE CAN after 10th Nov 2013. 07 Nov '13.
heCtoRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR u can after 10th. 07 Nov '13.
pdf file
itisriharsha thank u so much.....:) . 09 Nov '13.
Hi puys,
Please let me know if anyone has a set of mock IIFT papers which can be printed. Please PM me.
Hey puys, can i know how many months of current affairs to be read for IIFT
Squib @catnlyiimb u should know current affairs for at least .... 07 Nov '13.
Hi Pay's I am not able to login to iift site.Is there any way to recover password or username for iift login credentials ,i can not see any of the links for recovery on the site.Please reply..Thanks
Squib @viky67 i think it would be better if u call up the coll.... 07 Nov '13.
Received the ADMIT CARD but at the back side in the instructions it is printed that you should know your % [X, XII, Grad]..
Does that mean like IIMs IIFT also started to give importance to past academics for GD/PI calls???
Getting worried since i am low on academics & my dream to get into ...
Squib @Haswell hey this is done every year and u dont have to.... 07 Nov '13.
Haswell @Squib Thanx a lot... I herd that they consider it duri.... 08 Nov '13.
Learn the difference between marketing and branding....Marketing and Branding
In QA which topic is most often asked?Arithmetic?
or like cat its algebra and geometry
as far as i know the test funda papers can be downloaded :/
anyways try this one..
zip file
manbirwahan Yes they can be downloaded but they cant be printed.. 07 Nov '13.
manbirwahan N thanks a lot, i'll try this one. 07 Nov '13.
can someone pls share the past years papers, other than the testfunda link as the ones on tesfunda cant be printed
For IIFT prep....Guys pls tell some weblinks/books to cover Current Affairs and Static GK ..and Vocab part ...
Devanki @ErShraddha vocabulary.com website. 07 Nov '13.
missionCAT13 handakafunda.com/general-knowledge-current-affairs/.... 07 Nov '13.
Recived the ADMIT CARD but only first name is there on it .Will that be a problem at the time of exam if yes,whom should i contact now..thanks
karthik.velu @sumna52 We can download it from 10th November onwards ..... 07 Nov '13.
karthik.velu iift.datatec.co.in/loginstu.aspx. 07 Nov '13.
@gaurav_vegeta @LoveLife25
zip file
IIM-A2013 previous years question sets. 06 Nov '13.
gaurav_vegeta thanks. 06 Nov '13.
recived admit card ! MLA college malleshwaram !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BANGALORE !
cveersingh @avikul43 ya nothing is on website...i think they will p.... 06 Nov '13.
mehtarahul All d centres in bangalore are at malleshwaram or what ? .... 07 Nov '13.

can anyone tell me...who have received their admit card ........its written on the back side of it that u have to write ur 10 th 12 th and grad percentages.........where we have to write it ? on site somewhere ? or on the exam day day itself?

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    Anybody who has received his IIFT admit card, can you please share the Mumbai's center address, it will be very helpful
    kingleon M L dahanukar college of commerce, dixit road, vile parle.... 07 Nov '13.
    chotemansoft This is last year's center, is it same this year too. 07 Nov '13.
    Past IIFT papers.. Search in google.. Can get many..
    pdf file pdf file pdf file pdf file pdf file pdf file pdf file
    kumargaurav_bn thanks bhai. 06 Nov '13.
    Almost everybody is done with the CAT. I guess so.And festive season is also over. (Unfortunately I have to believe this)So...
    IIFT is here. Got my Admit Card coupe of days back and then I realized that gosh... "Exams abhi baki hai mere bhai"
    Now...this is my agenda for IIFT. (Appearing fo...
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    AshuIIMA @kumargaurav_bn LR to yaar...no further preparation need.... 06 Nov '13.
    Abhedhy Gk kahan se padte ho.. meri bhi madat kardo :( i am rea.... 06 Nov '13.
    puys if anybody has past iift papers please post the link or upload papers,need help.
    Few new relevant GK links in the FAQs
    haopu test funda GK updates and freejobaleart.com current affai.... 07 Nov '13.