[Official] Fortune Institue of International Business,Delhi queries & discussion XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hi all, I am Glad to introduce an Official query and discussion thread for Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB) Delhi, located in Vasant Vihar.
I am a student of FIIB 2010-12 Batch and with the help of fellow mates will be adressing all the queries and will carry out the discussi...
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@visionIIM-ACL .. close it..
I've pretty much Fucked up my life this year​:(  
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Its inactivity is due to Official FIIB Thread. Link: http://www.pagalguy.com/forums/mat-cmat-and-state-exams/fiib-india-official-discussion-thread-admissions-2012-t-73536/p-3011300
@cutie.pie hey priti, why this thread is so much inactive? :(can you please throw some light on placements?
what is the avg pkg, ranking and fees for the mba programme?
common guys provide info regarding placements and packages (highst and average)....
please reply to the posts regularly.....
i attended gd/pi n selected for fiib...may i know how is the placements gng this year...and avg package ....
Hi, replying to the above query there are 9 subjects for marketing specialization mainly Business marketing, Customer relationship, Advertising, Sales management, Digital marketing, international marketing, Marketing research, so on.
As far as foreign tour is considered, it is a one week tour...
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hi i have taken addmission in fiib for 2012batch can u please tell me how many subjects are there in marketing mba also do we have financiasl accounting in 1st year??? and also about the study abroad tour if i choose sam walton school will i get a choics and for how long do we go for studing and ...
We had an awesome fest "Samavesh, 2012".
Faridkot just simply rocked , especially "LAILA"
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can barely wait for Samavesh to begin..!! its taken a lot of hard work..waiting to see if it pays off..!!
Best Wishes..!!:clap:
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how many seats are there in FIIB ?
NDIM or Fortune ??
I will do that surely, once my semester exams end on this 7th.
Actually the he found me on FB somehow and asked me those there, I wasn't aware he has asked here before, so I answered him there only.
Depends on your profile, percentile etc. Placement is not based on college but how much yo...
Mam, can u through some light on the placement and pkg prospect for a fresher at FIIB? Also FIIB representative has suggested me to give my GD-PI via skype since its hard for me to come to delhi for it now. Would it be a good idea??
i think it wud hv been better if u cud give answer to all these queries here rather than on fb..bcoz many of us will ask those again n again..so some of them wud just read the ans n hence ur burden will b less...i also want to know all these ans..thank u..:-)..
Final selection is on the basis of Test Score, Performance in the GD/PI, Academic Performance, Work Experience etc.
Minimum score is 500 in MAT
Handled all the queries on FB.
Hello cutie pie..i ll b vry thankful if u can rply a few queries of mine..
1. i would like to know the last
date to apply through cat score
and how much least score in cat
can get a call for gdpi from
fiib..my cat xam wasnt good.
2. I would also like to know d
total fees incl...
please throw some light on the placement and minimum Mat cutoff???:D:D
thanx in advance.
We had an absolute awesome freshers party for 2011-13 batch today
@Juniors Hope you all enjoyed as much as we did
amazed to see the talent pool in FIIB guys
Keep up the spirit guys and hope this has rejuvenated all
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