(Official) DMS, IIT Delhi Admission Queries 2011 XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hello to all aspirants,
With the JMET results having got declared today, the admissions committee of DMS, IIT Delhi will, through this thread, address any queries you might have about the admissions process and/or general assistance on the process.
You might want to refer to last year's ad...
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hi dude,
last year i had an 8 am slot last year.i had my flight @ 4.30 and i got time to go around delhi after the call.so a flight @ 17 hrs seems safe.
nikhil shenoy
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LOL...Dude..go ahead...and for others....ixigo.com is the place to find cheapest fares..cheaper than what u will find on the airline websites...i just booked through that...(Cheap Tickets India, Low Air Fares Booking, International Airline Tickets, Online Flights Booking - iXiGO.com (easyGO) Air ...
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I have a call on 5th march.I also nm on that day.I have mailed tarzan asking for a change of date.Will it be possible for iitd people to change the date?
iitd seniors please reply as i may have approach nm if it is not possible for iitd to change.
nikhil shenoy (using frnd's as ...
Dear Hari / Bryan
Can you please let us know tentative time it takes to complete the whole procedure. My slot is of 8.00 AM on 5th March. Can I go ahead to book flight of around 17 hours?
got it . . :):)congrats ppl. .
Got the call... :)
JMET rank 596
Saw someone getting a mail for 596 rank. Even my rank is 596. Have not got any call till now.
i believe best place to book flight tickets is cleartrip.com
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this is something off topic..but has any1 ever booked flight tkts through expedia.co.in..its nt fraud na
is there any increase in no of seats ?
Got the call at AIR 52 . 4-March 8AM slot. 8AM is too early for me though
...how many seats are there anyways??
got it :)
jmet 521
5 march 8 AM
got it :)
jmet 521
Thanks a lot to the seniors' initiative to email the selected candidates before the shortlist comes up....very much appreciated.
I got a call..Mar 6th @ 1pm. And please, the above statement is because I got the call. I am really thankful as the seniors managed to pacify some nerves by their in...
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there has been a substantial drop in the cut off rank . last year it was 495 and this year as of what we know at the moment its 596. Whats the reason for this , is there any increase in no of seats ?
congrats to all call getters..
i haven't received any mail till now..
did all the mails have sent simultaneously or there are still some hope..
how long will the process take..mine is at 1
Got a call @ 596
Slot: 5th March 1 PM:cheerio:
Finally Got the mail