NMIMS 2009 FINAL results out!!! XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

final results are finally out
please mention ur written rank and score and he final rank and score
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i m pharmcy student
can u tel me pharma mba loast yr cut off's
hey dude...jst 2 get d figures correct....m prob d last rank admitted in MQ quota...n its 686...!!!!....nyways its been a pleasure 2 follow dis thread spread ova 400 pages....n hopefully dis will help a lot 2 our junior batch...!!!
Akshit Amla
Holla PUYssss....Well after such a long stressfull yet most wonderful time i have had on this thread, i guess its time to close the thread... This will help Future NMites a lot.... Just to add on, the total no. of pages speak volumes bout the thread itself.... Have met sm wonderful people here......
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hey shrey...i hv jst taken d admission at nm...n m in section E wich is also urs i guess....dey hvnt given me ny books as i hvnt paid d full dues...As mid terms r strting frm 10th...i was thnkin if u can lemme knw wat all has been done so far....n btw where r u putting up here???....plz pm ur no....
dude i hv already taken d admission......hv deposited d fees...will b joining in a day or two..hope 2 c u soon...tc...!!!!
how is it possible that they have offered 1 seat to many ppl.
And are u gng to join leave fore for a mq seat wen u have already been at fore for over a month.Btw u have missed a lot,but that u can cover coz ppl are still joining.Its ur call now.
hey puys
i have been offered admission in nmims on "first come first serve" basis....i.e dey hv offered one remaining seat 2 few ppl n whosoever comes frst will get d seat.....i dunno wich othr b-skul follows d same practice....bt can u plz temme hw mch syllabus has been misd...n if i join cla...
hi puys..
congrats to all of u for making it to the list..
pl note tht we have our midterms on 10,11 aug .. so pl try to reach i ntime as u guys might ned to study a lot... anyhow the ppl who r here are not studyin but then u need to catch up with the syllabus..
pl spk to anshu bais reg...
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i am not able to find the waitlist tracker spreadsheet.please anyone can help me find it.
hey puys this vvvvvvvv urgent!!!
how many ppl are called tomorrow for MQ?can they please pm me.it will be of great help to me.please!
is there any one who has been called but is not going tomorrow?wat is the last merit number for MQ to be called?people please help!
My company is not ready to relieve me this early..My PL wants me to come back and impart KT /Handover to th eperson who wud replace me in the proj. I want to know how problematic can it prove for me to come back on monday/tuesday and miss another 4-5 days of classes. Any suggestions??
yah i also chkd it on d site....btw my rank is 686....so m jst hopin for 1-2 more calls...:)
Dude its been mentioned on the site that admissions will officially close on 25th july.No refund wud be made to anyone after that...That means no more calls.This was the last set of calls.Btw wats ur rank...
Ya I agree with renegade.This thread is awesome.Everyone who was there on this thread has got a call.Its really wonderful to see everyone getting a call.And ya anchal, a party is due frm ur side...
I was just gng thru previous posts on this thread and reliving those moments full of ups and dow...
Hi Guys... Logged in just so that i can write this post... Am really so so happy to see Anchal and shallabh both make it... Seriously guys, i really wanted you 2 to convert and am damn happy.... Met shreyMba dreams... he's in my division only.... I am not able to recall words right now... serious...
Yeah...patience does pay! but it was a real long wait for all of us. And all of us have supported each other in whatever ways we could..I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for all the positive vibes that i got after reading positive posts from hopeful puys.
For me especially its like a dr...
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hey shrey....r u sure admissions r closed now???...even if ppl cancel seats now...wnt dey send ny calls???
Hey congrats anchal,am really happy for u.See u at nm...Patience ka fal meetha hota hai..Hence proved.eVERY ONE ACTIVE on pg got a call.Time to close d thread as admissions are also closed now...
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Hey shalabh....cngrts 4 d offer...can u temme wat is ur rank???...n wich seat has been offered to you...Mq or merit???