NMAT 2nd Round XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

hi ! Does anyone here have information about the GD/PI dates for Narsee Monjee ..?? also , if anyone has been through the interview stage of this inst , your comments will be of great help :) What is the intake of the inst? and how does it rank?
hi guys
relax now........
NM seniors r here 2 help u:smilecol:
v were bit busy with our sems final n 4m 2morro placements startin
so expect us 2 b busy 4 more 1 week.....
regardin d gd/pi process....
in NM u have cumilative scoring
every1 who hav been shortlisted have 2 go through both gd n pi
no elimination round
work ex people have certain marks for them
regardin interview usually people who have good work ex(by good work ex i mean both qualitative n quantitative), expect ur interview 2 b on work ex
exceptions r always thr so dont blame me later
but that is d usual trend
people without work ex.........
expect 2 b grilled on acads n y mba ??????????
try 2 create a link between ur acads n ur future plan after doin mba n ur specialisation
thr is no compulsion of takin d same specialisation wh u said at d time of interview
infact noone is bothered wht u said
n reg work ex guys try 2 link ur work ex with ur plans 2 do mba.....
they look 4 seriousness n committed guys who kno their future plans
reg d profile of d current batch
ours was the 1st batch wh did not had gujju quota
so 200 open seats
nd 40 mgt quota
around 90% of d batch hav work ex
but lot of guys hv less than 1 yr work ex
so relax guys
guys focus on d prep now as i guess d process wil start in mid feb.......
ne other help rqd u can contact me
Rohit Daga

Hi ..rohit,

If I am nt wrong...U must have passed out of NMIMS by now,and must be a manager of some gr88 firm.
If u can put some light on the placements of Sectoral Mba and Core Mba it will be of gr88 help.As, placements stats for Sectoral MBA r nt mentioned.I hav been told my IMS that Sectoral MBA is nt good for Guys wid Work Ex. in comparison wid Core MBA.
Companies giv 1st preferance to Core MBA and hence their packages r high.
IS it ryt...?
Any other guy or NMIMSian....reading this query....Pls do clear my doubt....

Thanks in Advance
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NM seniors...any updates on the placements this year? It has been a while that we have heard from u ppl bout the placements
hi, i'm new here. read ur post abt bio. a bit too late, i had already sent mine which reads only abt my interests, how much damage hv i done? can u tell how many ppl r there in gd? is work ex imp? im a fresher, got a 200-odd rank, good in acads in cllg but not so good in school.
guys there seems to be a duplication of threads. all of you can check out thread NMIMS GD/PI 2006-'08 calls out as well. some queries such as till what rank ppl were finally selected are repeated here.
thanx mosh....
this may seem a little stupid....does one have to send a print-out of the essay or a hand written copy?
also during the final selection, do they take the NMAT score or the ranking into consideration..it should really be score, coz in the 80s, 1 mark separates almost a 100 od...
Can any senior put more light on the entire process.
GD and PI
preferabley tellng in more details and sighting ones own expereince..
It would be helpful...
And also how is the systems specialization in NM....
thanks guys
i was also quite confused about the biographical essay
the dates for the gd pi have been declared but not the batches in which we have been allocated
so we'll probably have to wait till out money reaches the authorities and then thy will allocate the batches and the dates of ...
sorry fellas, we got really busy our exec placements....
Well fellas esentially biographical sketch is all abt u have done till date...schooling, college, work ex....but everywhere a purpose to state "why MBA" has to subtly understated....and in the end a splash about ur family(bro, sis educ) ...
1 1
please NM seniors help
wat exactly is biographical sketch
wat points we havre to include and wat not
we have to post th form also just a week left
pgites do reply
The biographical sketch is essentially different from SOP (correct me if I m wrong Senior bhai log
Should the biography delve in ur past, touching ur present and extend further to future??
NM seniors can help us on this front..
Hey rohit....thanx for the informative first post.....could u shed some light on what we need to write on the 'bio-graphical' sketch....??
Can seniors please throw light on the Biography part..
Guess we would be grilled on that basis too. So what exactly do we mention. Should it be more towards to the extra currics part, strenghts and weakness etc.. kindly advice
I gave NMIMS interview last time around as well. There criterion is quite open and clear. They allott there marks in the following manner:
SMAT marks = 200:satisfie:
PI = 50:satisfie:
GD = 30:satisfie:
Work Experience = 20 (8 marks f...
2 2
Thanks a lot for sucha valuable information
could also be specific when u mention what was the last rank in the written test
both with and without work ex to be a part of ur BATCH
will be really apriciated
hi guys
relax now........
NM seniors r here 2 help u:smilecol:
v were bit busy with our sems final n 4m 2morro placements startin
so expect us 2 b busy 4 more 1 week.....
regardin d gd/pi process....
in NM u have cumilative scoring
every1 who hav been shortlisted have 2 go t...
4 4
hey where are the NM seniors..
why aren't they throwing some light on the NM 2nd round..
will be very helpful for guys like me.............
NM guys pls respond............
check out my blog: http://d-koolest-ac.blo...
With the large no calls for GD & PI for NMIMS Round 2 becomes all the more important . Request PG seniors at NMIMS campus to shed some light on the process.
I have a 2.5 yr exp in a manufacturing industy( BE chemical engg). Is the interview focussed on work profile and responsibilities or do ...
hi friends , interview dates will be declared later , i think its on mid feb and we will exactly now them on 31 jan . meanwhile we have to send them a dd of rs 800 .
Ya....its a good forum to start and its a sincere appeal to all NM seniors to come ahead and post their previos NM gd/pi experiences. It will be of great help to people like us who are nbanking on NM....