NMAT 2014 Official thread by NMIMS XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Dear Puys
This is the official thread for NMAT 2014 that will be maintained by officials from NMIMS. Which means that all your queries and interactions will be directly taken up by official representation from the NMAT team as well as from NMIMS Admission team.
Through this thread, you can:...
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Nitesh27 when will the shortlist come out for NMIMS?. 20 Jan.
aj0405 Any idea what time the results will be out tomorrow?. 22 Jan.
Is it remotely possible that the results of the final window are declared today, on the eve of the last major management entrance exam of this season?
Pavan.evs its no going to happen today i guess.... . 04 Jan.
param1991 same problem yaar..even i also did the same mistake..we c.... 05 Jan.
Hi Team,My Nmat score is 221.By mistake, MBA core was not selected as per preference for MBA Full time. I have heard that from last 2 years they ask for preference at time of GDPI. Can u please update me on this year trend. I am really worried.Will be waiting for your kind reply
jacks_jills yes they do ask. 03 Jan.
Hi guys...Do scores increase in the subsequent attempts...or it mite evn decrease. Know that it depends on individuals...but still trying to find that pattern in chaos :P....do reply

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    Official NMIMS puys, ppl are anxious here; either declare the results or tell the date
    anshulchaudhry lol life is not that easy . 03 Jan.
    when is the slot 5 result ??
    xender_xane they didnt mention any official date, but its expected to.... 03 Jan.
    results of 5th window not out yet ....
    niveditasharma nope. 03 Jan.
    Hi NMAT Team,
    After my 2nd attempt I forgot to get my admit card signed though it's fine for my other 2 attempts.
    I work at a very remote town and my centre was Patna which is really far off.
    What do I need to do, please guide.
    Thanks in advance.
    Are results going to be out today??...people are going nuts!!....official update needed!!
    yoti i think results wuld be out 2morrow... 02 Jan.
    omiera7 maybe nm univ had a holiday on 31st/1st..and also maybe d.... 02 Jan.
    Guys window 5 results. ???
    omiera7 expect it today!!!. 02 Jan.
    LokeshKool thanks buddy :-) . 02 Jan.
    are sectional cut offs considered for blore nd hyd campus? ive score 186 wid 62 in quant cn i expect a call wid dis frm blore? a reply would be really appreciated
    NMIMS_Bengaluru @Suheilmohan yes sectionals are also considered! ATB :D . 02 Jan.
    apurvamittal91 ok. 02 Jan.
    I had taken coaching from him.. Personally, I feel his training didn't add much value (especially for the gd/pis of NMIMS, SPJAIN and other Mumbai colleges). Eventually it depends on your confidence and how well you justify your career/ education choice in front of the board with poise and confid...
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    madhavg91 ? @Dhoom50 so how did u nmims interview go . 02 Jan.
    madhavg91 @Dhoom50 Wow man ... What was ur NMAT score ?? . 08 Jan.
    I have scored 183 in nmat.I took a retake on 8th Decmeber.when Can I get the results?
    ZexrO www.pagalguy.com/forums/xat-snap-iift-and-others/nmat-201.... 02 Jan.
    omiera7 ya u can expect it to be out today...15days after last da.... 02 Jan.
    Hi NMIMS Team. I wrote my NMAT on 13th Nov 2013 and in the first attempt got 195 marks- sectional being 63 in Verbal & QS and 69 in LR. My total score is 195. I am a NON ENGINEER and am from a Hotel management background. Can you please tell me if there are any chances I get a call from NM Banga...
    niveditasharma yes definitly. 03 Jan.
    savithrsn Thanks Nivedita!!!your timely reply is well appreciated. . 04 Jan.
    While registering the application form I had wrongily entered my 12 % as 97.16. I had actually secured 96%. Please let me know how do i change this now. I cant find any link on NMIMS website to preview my application form. Seniors please help.
    kennethsingh call them up.. 30 Dec '13.
    in final selection process out of 70 marks for NMAT, how much will 213 fetch ?
    and out of 5 marks reserved for workex how much will workex of 1year fetch ??
    ananyboss that never happens. 02 Jan.
    abhinav1991 thanx guys ! :) . 02 Jan.
    neebond Baba ji ka thullu. 03 Jan.
    kennethsingh pharma possible hai i guess.. 03 Jan.
    i hv gt 166 in my first attempt. Any chance of getting a call?
    niveditasharma not mumbai. 03 Jan.
    Khushi_R @Vishy1990 if your background In phrama or u r interest.... 03 Jan.
    puys i got 180 in NMAT... wat r my chances in nmims hyderabad...
    neebond NONE. 02 Jan.
    Vishrut_NM No Chance.. 04 Jan.
    What is the total number of seats for MBA in NMIMS Mumbai and approx how many people get a call considering there are numerous retakes of NMAT?
    cool_errk anyways.. dnt think abt ratio and stuff.. all u need is g.... 01 Jan.
    gauravshah222 360 seats CORE 120 BM 60 Capital Markets. 01 Jan.