NMAT 2014 (5th Oct to 18th Dec, 2013) -- Exam Experience and Paper Discussions !! XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Dear Puys,
NMAT 2014 starts from tomorrow. Kindly use this thread for all the discussion related to the exam.
About NMAT:-
Quants - 48 questions - 60 mins
LR - 40 Questions - 38 mins
English - 32 questions - 22 mins
Total - 120 questions - 120 mins
No Negatives, so attempt...
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HimanshuJamwal @iGowild no negative marking is there. . 01 Dec '13.
kul99 Hi, Any chances that NMAT window closing on 18th, will ge.... 07 Dec '13.
as u said passages were easy..were they like we could directly find the answer in passage?
dreambegins dude direct answers kuch the...kuch inferential aate hai..... 06 Oct '13.
There were many questions on weak/strong arguments ,inferences,conclusions in English section.I am not sure if my answers to these questions is correct or not .Should i reschedule my exam because it will take around 4-8 weeks for the scores to be out.
crazyc @MANC-LONDON Apart from last minute guessing ..i attempt.... 07 Oct '13.
MANC-LONDON thats a gd job done... :-)\. 07 Oct '13.
Quants -- difficulty -- DIFFICULT- DI time(intensive calcs even in quant) consuming.LR -- difficulty -- Moderate
English -- difficulty --Moderate. Lot of vocab.
October 6th ..slot :2.30 PM
ashishjpr share some questions. 06 Oct '13.
ankitgarg400 @jaffa How many sets of DI were there? Was DS also asked.... 06 Oct '13.
How was the paper guys?..I have mine tomorrow..Any expected cut-offs?..and how many questions should one get correct this time to be sure of a call?
ankitgarg400 cut offs would remain in the same lines bro....don't worr.... 06 Oct '13.
October 6, 2013 9AM slotQuants -- difficulty -- Moderate- DI time consuming.LR -- difficulty -- moderate - a little too lengthyEnglish -- difficulty --Moderate. Tough vocab.Total -- difficulty --Moderate.Surprise Element/Suggestions -very less geometry.
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prabhataggarwal @CSK25255 download rs aggarwal logic reasoning book..and.... 06 Oct '13.
1rado1 @CSK25255 They are not rocket science but you need a gr.... 06 Oct '13.
I was newbie to NMAT(in fact for any mgmt exams . )
October 6, 2013, 11.45 AM - BangaloreQuants -- difficulty -- Moderate, Genuine Attempts - ~20+LR -- difficulty -- tough, Genuine Attempts - ~ 25+English -- difficulty --Moderate, Genuine Attempts - ~ 15+Total -- difficulty --Moderate, Genuine...
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raazprakash @Polyy yes...there were 14-15 questions from DI. . 06 Oct '13.
raazprakash @hunknik no..you need to carry 2 id cards, one id card's.... 06 Oct '13.
11:30 a.m SLOT - Today, i.e, 10/06/2013.
No probability questions in QA.
LR was v v time consuming and so was QA with a LOTTTTTT of DI questions. Didn't do well guys. You all prepare well. By the way, I want to know, how many questions should be correct for one to clear the cutoff? Also, Se...
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MANC-LONDON code type questn meaqns?? pls give an eg. @bigsandy . 06 Oct '13.
cgsalwan Was English section time consuming ?? coz I faced that pr.... 07 Oct '13.
can anybdy tell me what time before the appointment should i reach at the center......eg. my test time is 11:30 am(as per pearson)....
Aim2013cat reach at 10 40 am. 06 Oct '13.
NMAT Officials not accepting original IDs
I had my NMAT today. I took 2 IDs wid me. 1 is my driving licence and the other is my PAN card. Both originals. Unfortunately for me my PAN card was old one which they used to issue with laminated one and not a plastic card which you can see these day...
greenmutant @shankyshah where did you go to give your test? as in wh.... 07 Oct '13.
shankyshah I took exam in mumbai.. In NMIMS college center . 08 Oct '13.
Please solve this question:-What is the volume of the largest right circular cylinder that can be inscribed into a sphere of 10 c.m radius?
Harmeet89 @XLRI_2013 There is nothing wrong in it. But since this .... 06 Oct '13.
rishiiee vol. of cylinder = vol. of sphere divided by sq.root of 3. 02 Dec '13.
Please do not describe any question with the data if there is an NDA in the exam. You will be banned by the mods if you explicitly reveal any question.
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nick_anon I did not ,, maybe your are not well acquainted with hind.... 08 Nov '13.
bigsandy TU . 08 Nov '13.
All the best to everyone giving the NMAT this year!! Hope to see you guys on campus next year
A question on probability went like dis.........two ppl meet btwn 5 to 6 pm.....dey can max wait for each other for 20 minutes......find the probabilty of their meeting?:).....is dis a nmat type Q.......:P....DI were wid insane calcn...smtimes(or maybe i was feelin the heat) English was on the ea...
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Harmeet89 @dreambegins I leave the final word to the mod. However,.... 06 Oct '13.
a.b @gshrivastava30 Last year after how many days results we.... 07 Oct '13.
hey i am newbie to nmat...mine is on 31st oct.... suppose a guy gets 180 on a tough papr... so will the score remain same or normalised to higher score bcz of the paper toughness.....
MANC-LONDON okk..... 06 Oct '13.
99notout its better not to think about normalisation, coz even for.... 08 Oct '13.
guys are the strict on the secondary id thing? @burnett

now i understand why pg bans comparisons
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    experience???? anyone pls......i have mine on monday........TIME mock scores...219,219,215
    pful i would have but time does'nt give the option to print th.... 05 Oct '13.
    Pranjal_ss Guys , Dont Post your Mock test Papers Scores .Tis Actual.... 11 Oct '13.
    When do we get our NMAT score?
    ayushbhalotia @ronync -- normalised... @dipesh92 --- no.. keep foll.... 05 Oct '13.
    dipesh92 @ayushbhalotia thank you..!. 06 Oct '13.
    1st day, 1st show :-
    'Tote udd gaye'
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    burnett @ayushbhalotia will do.. hang on . 05 Oct '13.
    pful @burnett waiting for your detailed exp.:). 05 Oct '13.
    bhai anybdy have NMAT mocks ...please reply....i have not taken any mock till yet.....my exam is day after tomorrow
    aaj kisi ne nhi diya kya?? No analysis??