NICMAR (National Institute of Construction Management and Research),Pune XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

There have been many questions about NICMAR on PG. To answer few of them and to channelize other questions regarding college or course, I am starting a new thread here.
NICMAR is the only institute offering "Advanced Construction Management" (ACM) and Project Engineering Management" (PEM) cour...
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kshitij_nilank 1. what is the expected cut-off for the exam. 2. how can .... 07 Dec '13.
emkepy is there any dress code during the test day???? . 14 Jan.
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HI Rahul, i have read this whole thread and got that u r giving really nice reply.
I am a civil engineer, completed my engineering this yr(2011) with 60% avrg , but frankly speaking i took 8 yrs to complete it ( due to some reasons). Now i want to look around my career in the field like NIKMAR...
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"far more superior approved colleges and universities in india " ---- Wch colleges and universities are u referring to ???
more over i a m aiming at infrastructure sector or project management sector ??? Wch is more prospective in terms of growth and incentives???
Thanks for the reply.
Btw Wat all institutes are there other than NICMAR for construction management in India..???
Thanx rahulsgeek :)
Also if u can put some light on what is the cutoff of nicmar in cat and gate, it will be quite a handy information...
NICMAR Pune Campus- Avg. Salary- Rs.6 lakh
Punj Lloyd offered me Rs.4.75 Lakh CTC 1.5 yrs ago
okkk ......
What is the average salary offered in NICMAR CAMPUS ??? Moreover Punj lloyd offers less then what u have quoted as Punj Lloyd has just visited our campus and offered 4.2ctc .
you are absolutely right by saying that when it come to get a good job you need to shine at the intervi...
First point to make it clear that NICMAR is not providing any sort of MBA program... Its just a certificate course which isn't approved by any educational institute.(Its Approved by some small time SIRO which isn't any educational institute for your info).You ain't that right about graduates not ...
Investing 10L is a tough decision to take for any one on this earth.
But since you are a fresher,I would definitely suggest you to opt for NICMAR because its ideally meant for freshers and not for experienced professionals.
One cannot accurately predict the state of Economy after 2 yrs but...
Hii everyone ,
i am a civil engineering Final year student from Nit Rourkela. I have a lot of interest in the construction sector . But being just a graduate does not help u land in a good job in the construction sector . And i hardly plan to do PG in this field . So it happend that someone a...
10th score doesn't matter at all..
CAT scores are accepted.
You've to sit for Nicmar's written test if you've not given CAT,GATE ...
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Hi administrator,
I am an engg student and hold a diploma in civil engg with an agregate of 70% and engg degree well above 65%..
however my 10th class percent are quite low (to be specific dey are 47%:-()..
So can i apply to nicmar and wat is d procedure for admission in dis clg?
are ...
Hey ,
I am a Btech(Civil) final year student with an agregate of 60%.
I've been offered a package of 3LPA in execution job. :cheers:
I have been wondering if I should opt for NICMAR instead...???
I am a bit confused if investing 10L is a good option or not. I mean after two years, w...
Dude U've quoted a comment mentioned 2-3 yrs ago..
And please read the previous posts. Ur queries would be solved
dear frnd
i also wants to join NICMAR, but i dont know any thing about the same.
i want to know something about NICMAR.
1. what is the question pattern
2 . what is the question quantity.
3. fee for the first yr.
thanks a lot for your valuable reply ...
out of the box i am askin u smethin ...
if i join NICMAR for REUIM or any management ...
people tell u will regret leavin architecture ...
its a totally different field... ?? realyy people makin me fall through dis dsastrous stage id dilemma !!! SOS... need helpppp

Hey, Me too an Architect and currently pursuing ACM from Goa Campus, well to be frank... any course from NICMAR wud take you away from core designing as an Architect... It would be purely into managing and execution of the project, so if you want to go into designing further rather dont come to NICMAR, but if u want to see da execution part you would be beneficial.. Also to make you aware a lot Project Management Consultants are coming to NICMAR for placements so as an Architect you are always benefited in PMC's as u are involved right from the Design stage to da execution stage...
Now coming to the course REUIM is a much desired course for architects than ACM ( I had avoided REUIM, coz then we wud be only the 2nd batch and so was kinda fishy bout the course and thus opted for ACM which is a flagship course of NICMAR).. though really not much difference in the course i wud say as you have certain electives and specialization later for real estate in ACM too & the course doesnt make a big difference for placment...
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    1.ACM is not designed for Mechanical Engineers... Project Engineering Management(PEM) is the course if you are willing to join NICMAR.
    2.Gap in the study would hardly make any difference if you have average grades in your UG and PG,so,don't worry about such things at all.Plus you have an exper...
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    I am a mechanical engineer (2009 Passout) and working in a Construction company. I am planning to join NICMAR for ACM in 2012-2014. I have few queries before I take this decision..
    1) Is ACM desinged to accommodate Mechanical Engineers or is it only for Civil Engineers.
    2) I have a g...