MBA in Banking and Finance XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hello there! I am really interested in the banking sector. My cousin suggested SSBM, Pune. She told me they offer an MBA in banking and finance. What is the current ranking of SSBM? Also, how is their curriculum and placement? Please help!!!!
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  • sam_ssbm15 The college is a relatively new college so there is no such ranking available for it. It has a lot of scope to grow, be better and is working for it.. It has a vast curriculum which is updated from tym to tym as you can c on the website itself..
  • Pooja9211 Hey thank you so much! I have heard a lot of good feedback about SSBF. Seems like a great college! Thanks again!
  • surbhihanda12 Has SSBF been able to attract worthy placement opportunities?
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    hiii do anybody have Year long project plz help me wid that in finance stream TIA
    Is financial modelling in excel helpful to pursue a career in investment banking ?
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    Hello people! The 5th International workshop on Quantitative Finance which was held in Symbiosis School of Banking and Finance (SSBF), Lavale campus Pune saw participation from Industry professionals faculty members & research scholars. Heard it was really good!
    Medha9211 Wow! I heard it was really good!! My cousin went for it! .... 28 Dec '13.
    Medha9211 Did you go for it? Apparently Dr. Raghu N. Sengupta (Ph.D.... 28 Dec '13.
    Hey i want to know about a job after doing mba in finance.. do we need to sit before computer full day and work?
    Hello there! The people who haven't made up their mind about SSBF, Hurry up! SNAP registrations close on the 22nd of November! Read through a lot about the college. Seems like a really good one! Don't miss your chance! :)
    Yeah even a cousin of mine went through the curriculum and suggested SSBF. I went through it myself and yes you are absolutely right. It seems really intensive and industry oriented!
    Symbiosis being an international university and an international brand, yes, I am sure that a degree from SSBF will be extremely beneficial! Don't worry!
    Thanks guys! Also I wanted to ask if I get a degree from this college, will it be beneficial in the long run where I may want to go and study abroad?
    I must add that though Symbiosis School of Banking and Finance is a relatively new institute, they invest a lot in students in making them industry-ready. Each of the students has at least 4 industry-recognized certifications in areas like Trade Finance, Retail Assets, Wealth Management, Corporat...
    Hello! Symbiosis School of Banking and Finance is the youngest of the Management institutes of SIU, they have a vision of becoming a preferred destination for education in Banking and Finance. Their website shows that they have just finished a workshop on Mergers and Acquisitions by a faculty fro...
    Hey!! SSBM - Now SSBF, is a really good college! Their curriculum has a good balance of Banking Courses and Finance courses making the students highly suitable for both hard core banking profiles as well as finance profiles. I even showed the curriculum to my uncle who is working in a multination...