LIBA Admissions 2012-2014 XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hey ALL,
With CAT and XAT notifications being released, I know most of you would be gearing up to face them. I also know most of you would have LIBA as your preference for your B-School.
Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA) is a premiere Jesuit Institution with exceptional wo...
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Same issue with my account..
Anybody with delhi dates?
Oh God !! NO ! No call :banghead::banghead: @ 80.75 CAT Gen Category QA 77 VA 83
Sorry ! we are sorry that your candidature could not be considered for the PGDM program 2012. Your score is not a complete indicator of your full potential. We wish you the very best in your future endeavors. We...
Got the call on 18th March 9 AM @ Bangalore
XAT %le:
OA: 98.42
QA: 97.26
English: 87.97
DM: 95.53
i got a call but surprisingly through XAT
OA-76 with only 47 in verbal
whereas CAT-88 percentile
Messaged you my details
I hope you can sort it out.
okai, at what e-mail id can I send my request??
and thanks
I am not able to understand ur situation, can you PM me with the full details?
got a call....:)
But from now, you can refer the first post in this thread for that...
I don't think it is possible, since always LIBA has stood by this stance of not allowing change of dates. But on your side put a mail to them.
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Bro you are the student represntive of your college..we understand your situation, but please take this matter to management from our behalf..I dont want to start a sob story, but many of us are really screwed, first by all the entrance exams and now this..you were in our shoes once you kn...
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ok,could you please post the fb group link here?It's really tough for me to through all the pages to find out the fb link.
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can you throw some light on the sectionals
I haven't got a call for gd/pi at
88.64 overall
with 59.64 in quant
98 in dm
80 in english
I have mentioned in my previous post as well that i got a mail from admissions office that they dont have my profile upda...
To clear the air,
GDPI dates won't be changed due to clashes with other colleges, or you don't have a holiday, because a lot of requests would come like that. Within 3hours itself, this thread has seen many of those, so they won't be able to accommodate...
Please let me know what is the provedure to get my date changed..I have interview of another college and I have given my consent to them..please let me know what is the procedure of liba, because I have only few good college in my hand, and I desperatly need liba and cannot afford to miss any of ...
plz continue here....
The dates are given based on certain criteria.... If you and your friend have equal profiles, you would have got it on same day... as the mail says, no chance...
wait for sometime, all the mails may not have reached....
no procedure...
choose what college suits you best.. ATB...
@ibi what is the avg placement package offered at LIBA dis year? can you plz throw some light on the kind of profiles offered..
can you throw some light on sectionals?
i have not got a call at 88.64
with sectionals 59.64 quant
98 dm
english 80
I received an email from liba admission office on 9th march that they dont have my profile updated on their database and wanted me to send my resume to them.
Hi Ibi,
I have been shortlisted for GD/PI in delhi on 30/3.Now since m a working professional so is it possible to postpone my gd/pi from 30/3 to 1/4 (sunday). Also I had applied through my CAT score bt in view result tab it shows YOU HAVE BEEN SHORTLISTED ON THE BASIS OF YOUR XAT SCORE. So is...