ITM, Kharghar, navi Mumbai XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

can some1 tell me about itm, kharghar, navi mumbai
howz the college
howz placement
cut-offs required
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megha_2013 how is digital media marketing ? which campus has this co.... 14 Feb.
Rolu @megha_2013 bangalore me hai digital media marketing. 03 Apr.
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i have secured 81.85%ile in CAT n got a call letter from itm. which programme is good in itm (navi mumbai) marketing or finance ???? if i will get itm-institute of financial market not itm business school ,is it worth to take admission?????? plzzzzz suggest
I got a call form sdm-imd mysore and itm navi mumbai...can anyone please help me which one should i choose? BOth colleges avg pckage s same (itm 4.8, sdm 5.2), fees s almost same (itm 10.29, sdm 10)....the only difference is the number of intake of students....the dates are mearing and i need to ...
Hard_dave ITM Navi Mumbai is more preferable, that too in Marketing.... 6d.
raghavsamdani @shweta568 Christ B'lore. 5d.
ITM navi Mumbai RMM(14-16) converts can join this group.
akki2520 Hey all... m confused to choose b/w Bimm pune and itm nav.... 21 Mar.
Dhinchak1 ITM-NM is far better than BIMM . 21 Mar.
ma cmat score is 93 and percentile is 87% in feb cmat can i get a cal for gd/pi?
I want to take admission in ITM navi mumbai campus. I have got 94 percentile in FEB MAT 2014.Can i get admission with this score and also tell me the average package of the college. I have also heard that ITM NAvi mumbai takes from only CAT...is it true?plzzzzzzz any1 reply soon....
what is the intake for ITM, Navi Mumbai? and what is the actual placement and average package for itm nm?thanks in advance
abhi8692 Which clg is better IBS M or ITM NM ???? In terms of facu.... 10 Apr.
Abstruce @kartik91 its good..above MAT colgs with best faculty or.... 11 Apr.
Guys can you tell me which one is better? "ICFAI IBS, Mumbai" , "ITM, Navi Mumbai" or "ISB&M;, Nande Pune"..I have to select among these only.. please comment
meetpanchal17 how is ISB&m; Viman nagar pune . and also mitsob and mit .... 17 Mar.
avenger-10 @Vishvendrasingh ur earlier post u pointed on itm's plac.... 09 Apr.
ITM PGDM KHARGHAR OR UPES MBA in Business Analyst????ITM has decent brand value whereas business analyst is a new programme in upes(2014-16 will be the first batch with batch size only 40).ITM NM has tremendous location advantage.
UPES being sector specific focuses on each domain closely for...
heighest n lowest packge of itm navi mumbai of 2013...?also plz suggest some other colleges as i hve 75.29%ile in MAT feb 2014
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Can anybody tell me about placements in ITM, Khargar ?
rk808 for which speclization. 01 Mar.
My feb mat & is 84.39 ,i am a (b.tech chemical engineer with a 75%,2013 passed out) my 12th score is 80% and 10th is 72%. May i receive a call from itm navi mumbai(kharghar)....
rudyvarun Most Probably...yes....:) . 28 Feb.
I have attempted CMAT feb '14 and have also registered for CET . I had a few questions.1.Is there any other exam needed for admission?2. What is the average cut off for CMAT and CET?3. Whats the annual fees for MBA program?
Please Reply.
Abstruce 1) NO 2)ANY DECENT SCORE,NO CUT-OFF 3)TOTAL FEE IS 720000. 26 Feb.
What is the last date to apply for ITM Navi Mumbai PGDM 2014-16 program?My CAT percentile is 83, can I expect a call ?
Abstruce check their website..u'l surely get the admission. 22 Feb.
rk808 chk webite for gd/pi schedule....... 22 Feb.
i Scored 80.53 in Sept MAT. What are my chances for ITM?
rudyvarun NO specific specialization of Digital Media Marketing, bu.... 15 Feb.
megha_2013 hi. i got DMM dombivli campus...how is this campus? hws t.... 17 Feb.
Prospective Students of ITM, Join this Group to get the further insights abt the Colghttps://www.facebook.com/groups/itmbschool1416
guys think twice before joining christ..IT IS BLACK LISTED ,U CAN SEARCH IT ON GOOGLE ITSELF
dont we have to update our cat score ? please reply admin.
rhverman U should update ur cat score . This ll enhance ur probabi.... 21 Jan.
megha_2013 we cannot update...we ll have to tell them in the GD PI n.... 22 Jan.
does the mba institutions provide a different batch for students admitted through mat score and cat score?
rhverman No . . 21 Jan.
Hii puys.....!!
can anybody tell me what was last year cutoff for CAT,XAT,CMAT,MATand another thing some one who score 170 to 200 in cmat could converted his/her call and also in MAT who got 650 to 730 could converted his/her call.