Indraprastha University - MBA(2010-12) XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hello puys
I have started this thread to discuss about the MBA and MBA (IB) programes started by IP university in Delhi , the university is fairly well known and recognized by UGC. However , little is known about it's MBA.
I have scouted a lot for info on this on the net but have not succed...
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love786 Got admission in USMS today.. anyone else ??. 16 Jul '13.
dimpyrawal placement toh nai hai ip ki aachi . but usms is exception.... 16 Jul '13.
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i got 894 rank in ipu mba cet 2012.....can you plz tell me d colgs in which i cn get admission ?
I'm too confused regarding the placements of USMS. Hope any alumni or someone studying there will shed some light on this context.
im in general delhi category....
got 32 rank now wat??
is USMS gud? is it better than IBS hyderabad
XISS ranchi
and welingkar mumbai??
how r placements at USMS?
some advice pls!!
I have got 192 rank..can i get usms or mait..n which is better among these two?
hey i got 192 rank..which i=is better usms or mait or any other?
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Hey where did u get 2 c d IP MBA result....??
I'm DGEN and i got 117 rank in IPU-MBA CET 2012.
I'm confused whether should I opt USMS or MAIT.
Any help or suggestion will be highly appreciated.
i have scored 372 rank in ip cet can anybody plz tell me that this rank can fetch me admission in usms(main campus of ip)?
i am dgen and i got 1161 rank in ipu mba cet 2012,
can you tell me what colleges can i get admission in?
thanks in advance
Hey can anyone temme when is the Interview result cmng for IP university....??
no current affairs..they put questions on your graduation course mainly,,they asked me questions on technical knowledge of computers ..and also they asked me twice my highest achievement in life..whats my talent etc ..thats all..dont worry.. interview was of 15-20 minutes depending upon how you ...
Questions can be of any type. I was asked on my academics of graduation, why mba, on my job profile, technology questions, fav corporate leader and why do you follow him as a role model, difference between leader and manager and so many other questions I'm not able to recall some. Total duration ...
No issue on not going to registration desk for collecting and answering those behavioral questionnaire. Signed at 2 places is okay. Wait for the merit list now. Best of luck!!
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hey hows ur interview and what r type of question in interview ..any part of current affairs plz help plz suggest any particular area of current affairs to read
@ fionaqa
bro i have also appeared for the interview today but i have given only profile sheet and interview,,signed at both places but i forgot to go to registration desk for that 70-80 tick mark questions sheet...is there any issue ??
no good college.
It is not a group interview. Although 4 students go at a time, only 1 goes in and 3 wait outside the room, then next 1 goes in after interview of previous student is over.
guys...please tell me which are the good colleges under ip university like gitarattan etc
thank you buddy..