IIFT Call through GMAT XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hi Puys,
This thread is dedicated to all who are planning or applying to IIFT through GMAT.
Foriegn students/NRI's/son of NRI's who have got admitted last year can please help with the process
I had called IIFT there are just 5 seats for the same and just take GMAT score and no GD/PI.
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Hey guys, I have a rather odd problem.

I was born in the US, and hence I have American citizenship. I have however lived in India all my life, done my schooling and currently doing my graduation from here as well and have a local domicile certificate. However, I just read in the IIFT eligibility criteria that for foreign nationals, they require GMAT scores...i.e the written test is not required.

I wasn't really planning on giving the GMAT (but maybe I have to now!). My question is, do the IIM's (and other B-Schools) have similar requirements. Will I due to my citizenship, have to apply via GMAT everywhere?

Anyone here who knows someone with a similar problem...or who has given the CAT before and is thorough with the eligibility criteria, do reply. I'm in really confused and would appreciate any advice!
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Last year it was 710+ and last to last year the last accepted score was 680. If the trend continues this year accepted score may be even higher
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hey can u pls tell me whats the minimum score u need for a decent chance or range.. i have a 690. thnx
I am a NRI, who got thru IIFT last year. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.
Note - It is not a back door entry, I am a NRI and had to prove it with copies of my passport and actual NRI status.
did any1 get thru... through gmat in iift
the highest is 770
post ur scores for iift
THERE are arround 200 people applying this year through gmat , had talk with iift guys
Hi Puys,
any1 has got the prospectu
has any1 recieved prospectus
Thanks Nikhil, abhi kisko pata which thread were.. IIFT is an indian school naa...
Right said... Many Indian schools do accept GMAT for NRI applicants.. But this section is specifically meant for foreign B-schools and Indian B-schools accepting "only" GMAT..
Moving the thread to "Other Exams" Section...
Hey dude.. i think this thread sud have been in the indian b school section even though the applying is thru GMAT.. i think this is the wrong place to be posting this..
how may applied for IIFT?
While applying IIFT there two quotas general and NRI. You can only go for one .
Can a student apply through both :
1 ) sit for IIFT exam
2) Apply through GMAT score also
Is it allowed to sit for both the exams...and enter IIFT whichever way you get in?
still confused whether to apply in iift or not