IIFT 2012-14 batch GDPI shortlist out !! XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hi all,
Shortlist for IIFT GDPI is out-
Use this thread for result analysis and to discuss further process.
Congratulations to all the call getters :)
link to IIFT threads for this season.
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is d scorecard of IIFT available? somebody pls confirm.
When will they declare the scores? The anxiety is killing me..
Request you to refrain from posting any fact/figure without backing it up with reliable sources. Also, please check that tone of posts is not offensive to other puys who wish to use this thread positively.
Please see that any post from now without backup source shall not be appre...
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When will the scores be out????????
want this guy out of pg ... fully gone case
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Can u tell us what was the official cut off in different category??
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Dude....make sense!!
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buddy, i guess u need to mellow dwn ur tone a bit now, before u r warned...
PS: d guy askd fr d nswr keys, not d iift site. u made a mistak, accept dat...y fight over a trivial issue.
PPS: about d profile based call thing, i got it cnfirmed dat calls were only based on written test scores.
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In IIFT GD topics basically revolves around sports,terrorism and adventures.
Whereas in PI apart frm ur personal history POLITICS remains hot on them.
Almost every seniors confirmed this.
Last year sports was asked in many groups in gd and abt politics i n pi.
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Hey...thanx buddy....expected score was around 47-48
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Be patient hardwork never goes waste!!
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How important is the gd/pi coaching given at the various institutes. Is it important? I am not a complete novice as have gone through a couple of gd/pi's of some cols.
Really need some inputs coz m going to find it very difficult to take out time from work to attend any classes.
Puys, plz h...
In that case even a blind will find site for answer key!!
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Still it feels bad bro...missing it after being so near, anyway not a big deal and ATB to all the call getters
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use some common sense
why will any1 ask for the iift site link??
any guy who has answered iift will know the site
for tht matter even a dumb guy will be able to find the iift site
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As many coaching intis that many answers!!1 the correct score cant be predicted by anyone.
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Better u read that once again and be clear
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he has asked for the iift key ie the solution key
n not the iift site which u hav given:nono:
jus read his post again, things will become clear...
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The guy has asked for link of IIFT not the coahing insti!!! Hope u gt nw!!
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guys, i was getting some 45.80 according to TF keys , then it decreased to 44.92/99(one question was termed as ambiguous) , probably they had made some corrections, and here since some people have quoted that 44.92 is the cutoff then i might have got the call but i have'nt ,so it seems iift keys ...