IIFT 2012-14 batch GDPI shortlist out !! XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hi all,
Shortlist for IIFT GDPI is out-
Use this thread for result analysis and to discuss further process.
Congratulations to all the call getters :)
link to IIFT threads for this season.
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all hopes gone for a toss!!!
wl 194 for kolkatta campus ... shud i have any hopes of a convert ??
seniors plz help !
@abhijit! you truly are an example to follow..so very sorry for your dad's departure..but I am sure he is looking at you from heaven and feeling extremely proud..you deserved this feat...heartiest congratulations for your selection and all the best for future!
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Not through
Hope for other results are still alive..
Congrats to all the people who have made it..
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Here is the thread for 2012-14 batch-
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Rejected. First reject post i guess here.
Score: 46.1 CAT GEN
Only XL left now .
Hi Seniors,
Please tell me if i stand a chance @ WL 70.
Also we have 240 seats for Delhi campus..then y the final list contains onli 194 students..?
Finally selected.....long wait is over...:grin:
I am so sorry..But hey, look how proud you have made your dad and all of us today..Keep it up..Your Dad is watching you and he doesnt want his brave son to be sad today...All the Best..Everything will just be fine
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2009 - CAT betrays by going online. No calls.
2010 - IIFT and XL no converts..
2011 - IIFT and XL (IIFT converted!!)
If life could be an Arithemtic Progression, here you go !!!
8 March 2012 - I lose my dad. Become half an orphan :(
14 March 2012 - IIFT selects me again.
I wish it were possible to return the call and ask for dad to come back... I feel no joy whatsoever. I just feel lost.
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Congrats to all....
I am not a senior but last year people around 45-50 in the waitlist were finally able to get into IIFT D!!
Not in :(
would they have another waiting list...plz reply puys??
Seniors, I am placed at 11 in WL(General)...Any chances for Delhi Campus???????
PS- 67(Kolkata) + 10 (WL) --> I'm 78th in list for Delhi..Does the list move that much????
Plz reply!??!
Hi Seniors,
I am waitlisted at 70... Any chances of making to the Delhi Campus
The final merit list of IIFT 2012-14 batch is out-
Delhi list - http://cc.iift.ac.in/docs/iift/2012_14_DEL.pdf
Kolkata List - http://cc.iift.ac.in/docs/iift/2012_14_KOL.pdf
Wailist - http://cc.iift.ac.in/docs/iift/2012_14_WL.pdf
All the converts join this facebook group-
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Waitlisted at 64. any chances of getting into delhi?
I am in the IIFT - Kol list....I hope I will make it IIFT - Delhi later......But to consider for the upgradation, I have to pay the fees for IIFT - Kol right?
Waitlist 1...
what are the chances of DElhi..?
Going by last year, there's a pretty big waitlist movement - of around 200, I think :)
So don't lose hope. Good luck to everyone!