IES Management College and Research Centre Batch 2011 - 2013 - Admission Queries XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hi All
I am Punit Tharwani, currently pursuing PGDM from the Graduating Batch of 2011 at IES Management College and Research Centre, Mumbai.
Since December 2010 MAT is over and FEB 2011 CET is right around the corner, I decided to post this thread to answer all the possible queries that an...
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mmp90 do we have to pay whole fees of pgdm programme at the t.... 27 May '13.
manasviov hi my cmat may 2013 score is 165 my hu rank is 1868 n sta.... 19 Jun '13.
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i have got 91.52 percentile in cmat feb 2014, shall i apply for ies pgdm?
Guys I've got IES, mumbai in 2nd round... Can anyone plzz tell me d reviews of d college???
Euphemism hello..even I've got IES. its a decent college. just need.... 03 Jul '13.
guys i hav not registered for the cap round...coz i dint had any clue about it.....my scr in cmat is 147........wat shud i do now.....pls help mee.......
for specialization in Operations....which ones better
No one has voted in this poll, yet. Get cracking.
is der ne Institute Level Seats for MMS course?
I have been shortlisted for IES PGDM 2013-15
can u plz tell me about current placement scenario in IES ?
how's operations in IES ? placements , faculty n overall ?
vellaguy Placements are pretty decent in all these coll which i ha.... 23 Jun '13.
idiots.dream @vellaguy Do have any idea about MIT SOM, Pune ?. 24 Jun '13.
Hi i have secured 179 rank for IES PGDM. Any chances of getting a final call ?
hii..i have a score of 154 in cmat feb 2013.. wat ll b my chances selected in ies as i m maharashtrian n belongs to NT C category for mms.. n i m ohu candidat​
SUNRISE26 also suggest some colleges in mumbai with excellent place.... 10 Apr '13.
MET.EDU In mumbai there are various other colleges namely MET, SI.... 22 May '13.
@punit_t Pl guide .
I have scored 141/400 in cmat feb 13, is there any chance of me getting admission in pgdm in IES with this score??? or i shouldnt even bother applying bcz of my low score??
seniors can you please help out with gap affidavi, as this is something which was not asked by any other colleges yet ?
can somebody please highlight placement scenario of finance PGDM?
no of companies coming up ,avg salary etc?
hello there! I am yet to appear for my final year bcom(h) exams, and have scored 55% in the honours subjects till now, 10th-80% 12th- 90%CMAT score 147
Is my selection plausible with this academic profile?
Also another thing calcutta university is very stringent and its doifficult to score ...
Hey.. Congrats to all who secured admission in IES. Wish you all success in life..
Wat all documents r reqd? Wats d fees for GOPEN OHU candidate?
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    @[586995:Nemo17] :I have joined
    hi, i got ies in cap 2..... can u plz tell me, is ies good for finance (faculty, events, placements etc)???
    I have been allotted IES MCRC. Who all r joining??
    does anybody has cuttofs of IES ,met chetnas last year of counselling round??
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    College is very decent and the crowd is good too.
    Placement has been good, where 80% of people getting placement through college and average package is 4-4.5 lacs.
    Hi, i hv put foll choices in cap 1 and got Lala college as pref:11.. pls suggest wat coll i can xpect in cap2 as m nt taking lala.. n m gonna put only top10 coll in next round... pls advise n is it fine 2 wait till third round as m xpecting SIES or xaviers 1.JBIMS
    3. SOMAIY...