ICFAI Hyderabad 2007-09 Delhites XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hey all u puys,
Well if u r shortlisted for ICFAI Hyd campus for the batch of 2007-09, then i would like to invite everybody for a meet.
Wat say..
The place could either be Dilli Haat or C.P.
Interested ones please vote for the date and give your suggestions.
Cheers :)
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Hi Friends,
Am also from Delhi.. I need your help in taking admission in ICFAI HYD.
Am having interview on 15th Feb 2008...but I dont have any idea about the counselling/interview there?
Can anyone tell me what they will ask in the interview and how can i crack the interview successfully...
One of my friends is in Hyd - she just started so these are her inputs
Fees: 8 lacs
Number of Students: 1050
You decide...
Hi Friends, This is Vijay,
I had just completed my B.Com
and planning to join in MBA at ICFAI , Hyderbad.
am unable to judge weather it is good to join in ICFAI hyd, of not.
If u r the student of ICFAI or if u have any friends studying at ICFAI, Please tell me the details regarding ...
could anyone pls help me out in providing info. about the icfai ms prog.
i have been admitted to the ms marketing program in hydrabad. i want to know about course value ,placement. pls help
could anyone pls help me out in providing info. about the icfai ms prog.
i have been admitted to the ms marketing program in hydrabad. pls help
hi this is nitin .cud you please tell me how to send msg in this site .my id is vonder_81@yahoo.co.in
so... how was the first day?? what did u guys do??? pls reply..........
i will be going for the prep classes n i ws looking for someone who's going as well...for the rest, dont worry, will keep u posted..!!
Any body joining frm 1st May pls reply as i'll be joining late. Want to get info bout the campus and the hostel....
Hey Shikha i am also joinin icfai hyd, i'm doing B com H frm DU. Did u guys finally meet?? When r u joinin??
Welcome from batch 2008 of Icfai Business School.
We now have a exclusive community for IBS students and alumni to interact on a common , integrated platform apart form our yahoo gps. Lets make it rock !
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hello everyone!!
im also joing icf-hyd
just wanted to know.. whn wud u ppl be reaching the campus??
n also, wud u all be attending the prep classes??
cool guys here frm jodhpur... also for hyd-ibs..... be together ?????????????
heyy ppl...
i knw, i am quite late to join in but its better late than never..
i am a commerce grad with 6 months of work ex. with bank of america.
so, have u ppl already met up?????
do inform me.. it wud be nice to get to know all of you..
waitin for reply
hey u guys have met alreday or still to meet plzz reply soon guys as i really wanna joiin as well
tk care..
hey ppl 18th is tom ...whats the plan ..where r v going to meet ..seems nothing s final...
well it seems that ive missed the oppurtunity to meet all u guys. i saw a message which said that some ppl are meetin on 11th at cp. did every1 here attend it or did some1 miss it like i did.
hi every one ..:) .
iv gt in ibs hyd as well...boing BBE frm DU...
wanna meet u guys as well..any place will do
guys can anyone of u confirm whether there is a meetup at CP central park or not on 11th march??last thing one wants to turn up alone!!!
I hope u all r serious!! please reply with final details.