IBS HYDERABAD(2011-2013) batch XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hi Guys.
I got selected for MBA at IBS HYDERABAD and I am definitely joining it!! [smiley]
Eligibility for Admission
The program and campuses where you are declared to be eligible for admission based on your overall score are given below:
MIB-IBS Hyderabad MFC-IBS Hyderabad
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no. i called dem & dey said so
i am 4m kolkata:cheerio:
2011 . mba batch?? nice..:) so when are you starting from kolkata??
well queries are queries and it should not be like only certain type of query will be answered to. i had asked whether delay in joining by a day or two matters??
i am from kolkata
any one to ibs hyderabad from KOLKATA...then please do post over here...:)
hey Abhrajit
Okay thanx........:)
Hey Jasleen
They mention it in the enrollment letter so that ppl dont run away from it ... our prep classes started on 15th May 2010 and I called them up on 13th and I said that I wont be able to attend it for some personal reasons ... and they said fine come on 31st for registration .... thi...
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If you ppl r having any relevant questions and facing serius issues then only write mails ... better if u give them a call .... even better if u visit the local IBS office (in your own city) and get it resolved by them ...
IBS Hyderabad
MBA(Core Finance)
Batch of ...
I cant believe u ppl r writing mails to ask these questions .... " about washrooms , dress codes and all" ...
Dont expect any replies at all ....
IBS Hyderabad
MBA(Core Finance)
Batch of 2010-2012
IBS is know for its Finance course and doing very good in Marketing also for past 2 years ... but still if he wants to go for Finance I would suggest him to go to IFMR ... its one of the best institute for finance in the country
IBS Hyderabad
MBA(Core Finance)
1 1
well i am not comparing..me just asking which is the better option?
he is not sure of taking up finance or marketing..
Although, comparisons is inevitable, yet pagalguy doesn't allow it..
Anyway, if it's finance that your friend wants to specialize in..
Then, go to Chennai!
Well one of my frnd ave converted pgdm ifmr..
So shall he go for ibs hyd or ifmr pgdm??
Please help as the deadline is approaching..
nd if one withdraw after depositing 1.7 lac
If anyone wants to withdraw one's admission before 15th of May, then the college would be charging just a nominal amount(1000/- I suppose)..
But what if someone wants to do the same on, let's say, 16th or on a later date..
How much would the deduction be..? And in what proportion..?
they have uploaded it on the site.. you enter you app form number and can take out the print out.
how are we supposed to know???? they arent replying any emails!!!
hey u all guys i would like to invite you all to join the group of ibs hyderabad on fb we already have 400 + members in this group so u all can join and meet all ur batch mates even before starting of the college
do join this group and add all the friend u know who r going to join ibs batch 2...
I think it is mandatory because in the enrollment letter its written that it is mandatory to attend these classes. In case u r unable to attend u vl have to mail dem d reason......n probably u have to provide dem wid sum proof also......Its better if u confirm it from IBS ....