IBS HYDERABAD(2011-2013) batch XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hi Guys.
I got selected for MBA at IBS HYDERABAD and I am definitely joining it!! [smiley]
Eligibility for Admission
The program and campuses where you are declared to be eligible for admission based on your overall score are given below:
MIB-IBS Hyderabad MFC-IBS Hyderabad
3 3
I am in.
32, 29, 29...... total 90/100.... confused whether shud join or not
i am one in da club too...def joining it...so congo to all selected.....n best of luck to da rest::::
Hi everyone, Congo !!! to all those who made it to IBS Hyd and have decided to take up this wonderful opportunity...I am ofcourse one of them.
GD 29/30
PI : 24/30
ACADS : 34/40
Total : 87 /100
Hello guys,
Me too, see you there.
Score :
GD 29/30
PI : 23/30
PAR: 36/40
Total : 88 /100
Got through all the courses and campuses.
Heard that 84 is the Cutoff for IBS HYDERABAD MBA.
Past Academic Record
Group Discussion
Personal Interview
32 29 26
Can u please tell me your individual as well as total score ???