Final CET Rankings and GD/PI Results??? XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Any idea when will the GD/PI results be out?????
Last yr they were out on June 6th i heard....
hey i got 167/240 and 215 all india rank in mah cet ..will any1 suggest which college i can get...??
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state general meritno: 9771
state category merit no 1102
university general merit list no: 5908
university category merit no:397
i am a OBC candidate..can you just please tell me which institude i should apply,,,for mms.
cet score is 119/240
i know those are less ,but i w...
MY FINAL SCORE IS 160, TYPE A maharashtra candidate..
Please tell me what are my options for mms this year? gujju minority..
hey der my score comes out to 151, which colleges can i get @ dis score & also i hav filled in for d minority quota @ SIES, will i b able to get through it:sad:
now that the results are out,its time to look forward to the ranks and filling up of option forms.just go thru the below given piece of info and be careful while you fill your option form.
CAP Round No.
No. of Options to be filled in
No. of the option allotted for which confirmi...
aree ur score is 159 in jmet equivalent
n u need to submit it online
check it out n try contact dte no. is given on brochure
nopes..still a long way to go
Rankings come after GD PIs are done n total score out of 240 r computed...
Also I request u to be active on these threads for CET 2008 :-
hey, my score in cet is 124, how do i go about checking my rankings.:huh:
hey ppl
given a choice in the MMS course in WELINGKARS & SOMAIYA
m a mumbai university student
which 1 should i prefer??
specialisation in finance
plzz giv reasons
reaching welingakars takes me 1hour & somaiya 2 hours (considering travelling time as a factor)
plzzz reply asap...
hey puys
Go thru this link for the no. of seats in each institute that come under CAP
1 1
home university rank is ur satnding in ur university mumbai in ur case..
state rank is ur ranking in state....
please select the college according to last years cut off...
or where u want to do an MBA....
then somebody can help u with the preference....
hey guys ... my score is 138 , home university ranking is 1124 and state general merit is 1344... can someone plz explain me how does the ranking work ? as in state rank n home uni rank.... ???? also , wat should my college prefernces be from 1-6 ?
Hi Are there any NRI seats in Jb kindly tell me asap
hi i am Nilesh Sonar from north maharashtra uni jalgaon.
i have got 134/240 . i am an obc candidate. my state category no. is 92 while uni is 3.
general merit no.is 1748.
is top 5 any possibility? i want very eagerly the info.
also what r the top 10 colleges rank wise ?
plz plz te...
GOPENO stands for GENERAL OPEN OTHER UNIVERSITY seat alloted.....ds means if suppose ur open category & mumbai univ candidate & if ugt mumbai collg dn ul cm under GOPENH...odrws outsd mumbai if ugt pune, aurangabad etc dn ulb allote...
1 1
wat is the diff bet gopeno & gopenh ??
Dude I know you, but not your road to SIMSREE. :)
But I hope the students got the required info here
cmmon vinod,i said 1 seat for GNT2O and not GNT2H ..BTW there were total three seats in JB two for GNT2H and one for GNT2O...I even know the guy who got that seat..
man u know me..i didn't expect this from u atleast!!!
Deepak, I think that is probably cause the JB seat is for Home Unv (Mumbai Unv) candidate.