Empi business school new delhi XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

HI, guys dis is the official thrad for EMPI BUSINESS SCHOOL NEW DELHI..It is one of d best colleges in DELHI under MAT...everything related 2 dis college will be discussed in dis thread...guys who have taken admission in EMPI dis year,or any current student of EMPI or any EMPI alumnis are request...
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I think Apeejay would be best
u kindly check their manadatory discloser....u will get 2 know...i m just telling wat i saw
@9gaurav9 bro. Empi's PGDM course is approved by AICTE & also approved by AIU provided its PGDM course equivalent to MBA.
And talking about the rankings and more info. please visit this link http://www.empiindia.com/web/index.php?page=recognitions
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@9gaurav9 okh but as far as i know it ishould be not an issue. But its all the course are aicte and aiu affiliated so there is no issue of accrediation in that....
@9gaurav9 okh :)
yes it does...it not good as christ and if christ can accept it..so y not ramiah
@9gaurav9 Does M.S.RAMIAH accept MAT scores?
@Prateekj00 i understand prateek...even i was one of them for EMPI..buti read their manadatory disclouser in which it is clearly mentioned that pgdm programes are not approved..if u r a student of this college so plz tell college management to update their manadatory disclouser(if really) so tha...
@eduthirsty01 in bangalore only christ,ALLIANCE AND MS.RAHMIAH are decent one..and in delhi ncr jims and jaipuria noida are good..i went to jaipuria noida spoke with their students and got a positive response..and even noida and lucknow campuses are NAAC A rated..u can also personaly visit both ...
@9gaurav9 Empi all course are aicte as well as AIU affiliated and as per myknowledge this college is 16yr. old college as well. And there is no doubt in taking admission. And as far as ranking is concerned it is ranked 9 by the week magazine as well. So, this a relevant information we can found w...
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@9gaurav9 lol... leave empi... even i dont trust dat colg much.... but among jims jaipuria n jre which is d best... n jaipuria noida i heard lucknow one is better n noida one isnt performing well... n do u have any idea regarding M.P. birla ,banglore
EMPI PGDM COURSES ARE NOT ACCREDIATED...just checked, for more info..plz download their manadatory disclouser...
jims,ndim and jaipuria noida are good options ......if u consider rankings from different sources then also these 3 colleges exist in top 100...but EMPI ,i nevet saw it any ranking and frankly speaking got 2 know about this college in ths month of january only...through a message on my cell
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@eduthirsty01 My pleasure best of luck
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@Prateekj00 thanqq :)
Noida one
@eduthirsty01 for sure you will get that much package the thing is you have to prove your worth infront of companies when they come to recruit you for that job. See the work of college is to call company and rest depends upon you.
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@Prateekj00 also i have got human resource n finance as specialization in empi... do u think companies wud cum to recriut n i wud get 4-4.5 l package?
@Prateekj00 do u have any idea howz jims rohini n jaipuria noida? should one take admission in any of d two colleges?
@eduthirsty01 your marks are good so you are eligible for almost every colleges of mat. And it will hardly create any difference until it is a cat one.