Empi business school new delhi XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

HI, guys dis is the official thrad for EMPI BUSINESS SCHOOL NEW DELHI..It is one of d best colleges in DELHI under MAT...everything related 2 dis college will be discussed in dis thread...guys who have taken admission in EMPI dis year,or any current student of EMPI or any EMPI alumnis are request...
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entirely depends hw u perform in ur summer internships !!!
BTW can i get an intro of urs !!!
i hv asked dem abt changing the specialization and dey hv only tld me tht i can change it...all i need to do is to send dem a mail and tel dem...thts it....ny idea abt the placements @advertising comm?
CHANGING THE WHOLE TRADE means ...................and wat the fret about being an Average student .....see if u wanna do MBA ,,,u hav to frgt ur past and concentrate as to hw u r gonna make ur future stable !!!
if u r really interested to pursue ur career in Advertisement den only ,,,go fr tht...
bro thanks a ton bout diz info, ya lil bit more if u have ne idea.. c if ill do mba in ad com, m changin my whole trade, n being an average student wat r future aspects, i guess u r gettin wat i m saying, lyk how many students r dere in adcom department n how many r satisfied for wat dey r doin a...
See as far was i was concerned ,,,,, i was despo enough to do MBA in Advertisements ... so EMPI was among few colleges in my priority list !!!
so wen i was called FR the GD/PI and various other tests... i was pretty much convinced tht i would be doing my PG here itself .......the only lacuna t...
as much info i hav ,,,,its Ranked as one of the best in Advertisements....but i hav heard frm various sources tht ,,,, other Other courses are pretty well ..... for further querries ,,,,call them directly !!!
U wiill fing the contacts in the website itself !!
brother giv us more info about empi whatever u have... your overall review..:thumbsup:
puyz I would lyk to know If somebody has info, wich branch of empi is good, my interest is finance but everybody is sayin its ad com is best, plzzz guide me, if i select finance would it hamper my career and wat r placement scenario in these two trades.. thanks in advance
yaps 7.5lacs........ frm which 15000 is refundable !!!!
common dude !!! i m going to joing this year ...i m not an Alumni or present student der ,,, I doubt wer the students of EMPI doing !!! cant they come to our rescue!!
Rs. 7,56,000/- ..... this total fees includes food and hostel charge also ?
I dnt think dat u can change ur Specializations....................... see wer ever u go ,,u need caliber to get campus.............its not tht u get enroll an some college and they will give u campus.
U hav to make ourselves eligible enough to meet the Corporate sector !!!!
i gt selected too in marketing and entrepreneurship bt i guess i wil change it to adcom and somethng else....lets see...u gt ny idea abt the placements n all out der?
hmm......to say Xactly i got selected for the Adcom and IMC........as told by the seniors ,,,,we didnt get difficult tym around clearing all those tests ............my suggestion will b fr u is to keep ur cool,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and face all those ,,,, almost confidently ......... !! and and ,,,,,ma...
He Guys !!!
I too got selected for EMPI..... and i got my applied and desired trade i.e ADcomm and IMC................... and body else joing EMPI and in the same Advetisement Field be in touch here !!! i guess to make friends before reaching there!!!
hey frends plz tell me from where can i download empi's application form. there is no link on their website... n those who have got selected there plz tell was it just a formal form...or there were sum other questions as well like why mba, about urself, and etc etc....
i dunno m yet to decide...gt time till 28th...gt some more info abt EMPI if possible frm others
hi...i have got thru ims ghaziabad n hv gd pi of empi on 23rd
keen on pursuing a course in avertising
can any1 plz say wish college will b good? is the advertising course in empi good enuf?
plz helppppp:
acc. to them clg is good as far as studies r concerned but placements are not that good...depends on u...lowest package was 1.6...
when was ur GD/PI?
and r u planning to take admission there??
NDIM is gud bt only the PGDM course...i gt selected in EMPI too...wht did the seniors tld u abt the colege and placements?
other options-JIMS and NDIM
MAT percentile 93.69
Graduation 61% and in 12th 57%:banghead: