Empi business school new delhi XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

HI, guys dis is the official thrad for EMPI BUSINESS SCHOOL NEW DELHI..It is one of d best colleges in DELHI under MAT...everything related 2 dis college will be discussed in dis thread...guys who have taken admission in EMPI dis year,or any current student of EMPI or any EMPI alumnis are request...
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Hey how's empi ? Heard something absurd that about the faculty of Empi? And hows the placement guys? Can anyone guide me through this?
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  • manubhati_mba

    Hey dude, recently i met someone during GD @ some b-school; that guy mentioned an interesting incident about empi, dat while he ws sitting at the tea stall outsyd the colg.. Guys n gals wre discussin abt the gay faculty..hahaha they were discusin "bach ke rehna bhaiya, 9 bje ke baad uske kamre ke paas mat jana,.shikaar dhundta hai woh" :P Zara bach ke..research kar lena pehle..!! ;-):D

  • hee18 Hello yogi,
    Well being a student of EMPI i can say its a really good college with great opportunities for developing yourself as a able professional.
    Talking about the faculty ,they are just excellent here.The knowledge and ideas which they posses makes you think wider about each aspect.Placements are also going on quite well,but at the end all depends on you how you perform in your interviews.I hope I am able to answer your questions.
    If you have any further query regarding the college please feel free to ask !!
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    A new year, a new batch to welcome along with Many new specialization courses added in the curriculum for 2014-2016 batch...One thing which sets eMpi apart, is its belief in introduction of new courses as per the requirement of the industry. New courses in the field of operations, sustainabili...
    sir, does EMPI accept GMAT scores PGDM in ADCOMM?
    1 user has answered this question.
    Students -- annual day celebration..
    RBA HOD Mr. Atul Sanghal with Mr. Kanav Sharma
    Jabong Analytics Consultant Mr.Kanav Sharma interacting with Students. Sharing his experience as Analytics in daily life as well as implementation of analytics in crime.
    EMPI’s Ajit Haksar Institute of Advertising, Communication & Marketing Management (AdCoMM)EMPI Business School :: Innovating Futures - Final Placements, AdCoMM 2011-2013 Batch
    @EMPIindia How r d placemnts in finance in empi????wats d minimum n maximum package offered 2 finance students dis year????kindly also mention d names of d recuitng companies.
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    EMPI Business School :: Innovating Futures - PGDM (RBA)​

    10th - 78% 12th - 60% graduation(BBA)- 68% CAT - 58.7%ile May Mat -94.56%ile Feb MAT - 89%ile..........what are my chances of admission...???? ​What is the placement scenario in empi n do u provide dual specialization..??
    @EMPIindia wat abt ADCOM?
    EMPIindia @anu20100 there are more students that you can contact wi.... 09 Apr '13.
    kunal02 @anu20100 u really got good score..... There won't be any.... 09 Apr '13.
    Partial list of placement..(except ADCOM)http://empiindia.com/Placements/Placements_2011-2013.html
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    i got your point but could you mention what was the avg pkg that has been offered to adcomm students in the last batch or present ,, n the lowesr offered
    what is the total strength for adcomm and is the placement 100%?
    what is the last date for admissions in adcomm and its requirements ,...
    @EMPIindia How r d placemnts in finance in empi????
    wats d minimum n maximum package offered 2 finance students dis year????
    kindly also mention d names of d recuitng companies.
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    @hi_ravi the placement here is pretty decent, in fact students from adcomm always gets placed in the most prestigious advertising agencies: ogilvy, mccann, euro rscg, lintas, mudra, weber shandwick, percept profile and some more... but yes, one thing to bring to notice that if you prefer some gre...
    hey ,, how good is pgdm in adcom ,, what is the avg pkg that is offered to students in adcom,, n how is the placement rate ,,
    as i have a inetrest in marketing and wish to work in advertising firm through marketing,,
    so how adcom in empi will help in that ,, will opting pgdm in adcom will p...
    BADMINTON DOUBLES started....... again Sharique , hats off to your enthusiasm.......
    which colg u r applying?
    @sanson You welcome and feel free to ask anything.,,,hope to see u soon
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    Thanks a lot...@EMPIindia
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