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Hi All,
Please use this thread only for CMAT preparation .... Discussion on questions and other strategies related to preparation.
This thread would be a continuously running thread and serve as repository for indicating what/how to prepare and form a strong study group for the same.
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bitsbang Any idea about the admission process for JBIMS for year 2.... 20 Mar.
vi2507 If you have not appeared for Mh-cet @bitsbang U are not.... 24 Mar.
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let a be the divisor ..then
a*m+47 = a*n + 28 = N
Now, a*m + a*n + 47+28 = a*(m+n) +75 / a = 16 ==> 0+ 75/a =16 ==> ak+16=75 ==> a*k=59 (prime ) ==> a= 59
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Some birds settled on the branches of a tree. First, they sat one to a branch and there was one bird too many. Next they sat two to a branch and there was one branch too many. How many branches were there?
(a) 3 (b) 4 (c) 5 (d) 6 (e) 2
chalo badia hai
@ravi.theja can u pls tell hw u did this ???
http://www.cetking.com/cmatexam/all-about-cmat/cmat-2013-applicants/Total kitne bar bacche denge wo 2 lakh h is bar sirf 1 lack k around denge.
cetking me dekha :|
google it
chal!!! itna bhi bada nahi h CAT he 1.90 lakh the.aur last time 48 k ne diya tha CMAT .
I guess around 1 lakh.
Vaise it is a good thing.
If x is divided by a certain divisor, remainder is 47 and if y is divided by the same divisor
remainder is 28; but when sum of both numbers is divided by the same divisor, remainder is 16, Find the Divisor.
is baar 2 lakh + giving

Is baar kitne log giving ? Any exact figure came out ?
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    It seems everybody is selling CMAT now.Hope I am not too big mouthed but It is soon going to be as big as CAT :p
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    haan bhai 64 hein..par ghatiya hein :neutral:
    free ho to solve dis
    Who scholars ? :splat:
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    new ques plz :|
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    absolut ji
    koi ques hai to do na :D
    arey ye scholars CMAT denge...toh hum log JB keise jaayenge
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    koi hai :|?
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