christ micro presentation topics discussion 2012-2014 XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

hey as there is no thread for discussion of christ micropresentation topics 2012-2014 yet...i thought of starting the same..we can discuss all the 75 topics here.
topics are:
1. Aadhaar
2 Airline Businesses in India
3 Anti Corruption Bill
4 Arab Spring
6 Biofuel
9 9
what do they mean by waitlisted until 20th april...............?is dere any chance or sud i move on with other colleges????
damn confusing
Yes, the status says that you are selected for an Admission.
wht is dere in the application status..shorlisted or waitlisted or something else?
Expected... I'm not selected!!! Not a surprise coz how could they know about a guy who took 5 yrs for B.Tech in just < 90 secs??? Yes i got 2 yrs exp...!!! Recieved several appreciation letters from employer. I know who I am.... I'm not discouraged... I already got selected for other B-Schools.....
Christ College personal interview results are out ....
around 750...not sure though
and wat is the total intake?
OMG...thats a lot of competition..
Almost 10 candidates contesting for 1 seat. competition is fierce...
hhmmm..thats very less considerin the no. of candidates who appeared for the selection
Well as per some other candidates whom I met at the venue, they said around 240 seats 120 in each campus are vacant... no exact idea.
any idea how many seats vacant?? main campus and kengeri campus
yeah exactly nd i also knew this that they dont hav their seats vacant nd they r going to select a very few candidates
may be thats the difference between the first and the second session..Hard luck buddy..
my mp nd gd was verry good but then also they didn't had selected me
in last session they had selected to those peoples also who didn't had perform well in der mp nd gd don no what to do nw
1 1
itm is not exactly to my liking... i think ill apply for sies-com... any other colg u can suggest?
As expected. Don't lose hope. you can still go for ITM. Its a decent college.
nothing happened........
they said there cud be no mistake.....!
it depends on the interview panel that u get
how was ur interview in first session...Is it tough or easy???