christ micro presentation topics discussion 2012-2014 XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

hey as there is no thread for discussion of christ micropresentation topics 2012-2014 yet...i thought of starting the same..we can discuss all the 75 topics here.
topics are:
1. Aadhaar
2 Airline Businesses in India
3 Anti Corruption Bill
4 Arab Spring
6 Biofuel
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even ma ws bad latsted fr 18min... let c wat happens
even ma ws bad latsted fr 18min... let c wat happens
hey guys hw did ur pi go..mine was stress kinda...........fingers crossed
If you were offered a chocolate after your interview was over, please press the thanks button,if not then the groan button.
I am trying to figure it out whether it was just random or intentional.
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Last week's Top News,Today's Newspaper and Why MBA ? Prepare for this.
Pi was good, nothing to worry about. Mine was only of 3 min duration. If they ask u ur fav. Subject then just b prepared to answer the further questions about it. Do read the headlines in the newspaper before going. Rest they wil ask the expected ques. Why MBA,why Christ, which specialisation ...
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hey ppl let us know what happened in pi
did they offer you a chocolate at the end?
hey lastword please tell us wat xactly happened plss
what kinda subject questions
did they offer you a chocolate at the end?
interview was ok....few subject questions and many personal questions......dey can ask u nything.....
hey wat did dey ask u n hw long did it last??any academic questions??
hey guys any tips for pi ????
went horrible in wht sense ?? whr did u went wrng ??
What did they ask you?
Hey guys i got my personal interview on the 30th.can you please tell me what kind of questions did they ask you???
puys ..post ur gd and pi experiences.....
horrible interview they gave me a chocolate at the end for consolation -.-
even i got through:) :D... 30th june 2 30 pm ..