christ micro presentation topics discussion 2012-2014 XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

hey as there is no thread for discussion of christ micropresentation topics 2012-2014 yet...i thought of starting the same..we can discuss all the 75 topics here.
topics are:
1. Aadhaar
2 Airline Businesses in India
3 Anti Corruption Bill
4 Arab Spring
6 Biofuel
9 9
aditijha1989 Says
u got selectd?

Yes mam, and if u were to believe me , i did it while managing a laugh. Personally just introspect on this "Y wud an interviewing team ridicule somebody, maybe to see how they perform in pressure." In my opinion it's the best intervieing technique,
Qtn 2 : was this ur first interview or among the formers for an mba clg?
Christ University 2012-14 (Lean Operations Batch)
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u got selectd?
1 question , how do you think you handled this bombardment on u??
Coz almost every1 with an average score or grad are subjected to this. Even i wuz....
i got thru the MP Gd round bt eliminated in the PI ...
wat they profess dnt follw...they ridicule alot...from the vry begining thy startd sayn u got sch a bad score nd all that... arey y d hell they called for the interview whn my score was pooror nt enough to sit in the pi?
its ust thr mer...
How is finance according to your idea ?? I am asking you this because i am also interested in taking up finance.
Actually nobody knows that as he placement stats are not released....
can someone plzz tell me..(seniors specially)..the highest package obtained by students perusing MBA with MS(VCU,USA)
den it is ok, to do mba from kenegiri
Der r more facilities in kengeri than main campus! N placement is centralized!!
1 1
i hv selected for christ , kenegiri campus, is the facilities at kenegiri and main campus are similar, placements are same or different, plz reply soon its urgent
is Christ college recognized by UGC??plzz tell..and what is the package of placed students from course mba with MS (vcu,usa)...tell me opinion about this course
hey cool:) even m selected fr main campus n lookin for finance
U're gonna stay in hostel or wat??
I am looking for finance
which specialisation u lookin for?
yipeeeeeeeee i got selected for the main campus...........
got thru kengeri campus...wanted the main campus though...
My personal interview was humiliation. They just insulted me for only three minutes. After good mat score and decent gd mp i feel discouraged after being not selected. I think i have lost my smile.
Hard luck for you,if any candidate left the college after his selection or if anybody did not paid their fees within the last date of fees deposit then the vacant sits will be fill by the wait-listed candidates.So,hope for the best...
They said "We regret to inform that you are not selected"
is dere any chance fr the waitlisted candidates?anyone experienced in this kind of situation?plzz help so dat i can decide wat to do?