Christ Micro Presentation Discussion 2011 - 2013 XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hey Puys!!
I searched for a thread with the new topics for the 2011-13 batch but i did not get one. Hence i thought of starting a one here. Hope we can discuss all the 50topics of the Micro Presentation and get expert advice from the seniors and fellow Puys to try and get into Christ Universit...
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For all those of you who care about OST, there is zero marks and no credit for this OST. Now why we should move heaven and earth to find a manufacturing or for that matter any company for nothing? This is just a tension from christ before the session starts. REFER>>>>Institute of Management
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Please continue here for further queries and discussions: http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/mat-st...2011-13-a.html (Christ University MBA 2011-13)
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As mentioned earlier, need to wait till April 19th 10AM and they will let the waitlisted candidates know of their status. They have not given any waitlist number, so I believe it depends on your scores. Fingers crossed! ATB!
well anybody knw abot the candidates selected from waitlisted candidates in session 2 i cant the link of it nw anybody reply i m tense
Congratulations to all those who got through! :cheerio:
And for those who could not, this is definitely not the end of the road...
If you are out of options (good colleges), it's better to get a 1year work exp somewhere relevant to your higher education and then try next year. :che...
Hey there! As per UGC rules they should refund but I have not heard anyone getting the amount... Suggest you to email them and check. Seems you got in the VCU course and in my opinion it's not worth spending so much
kk i have niilm cms conveted but i m thinking to atleast deposit fees and if later on i can cancel that . what about the refund any idea????????
kunal can u plz tell me what the refund policy, how much they will deductfrom 335000?
regarding main campus.. u wont get that now.. :lookround:
and about the fees good decision u arent paying it
I am selected for CU VCU prog.... & I want Main Campus MBA.
I wont join it Coz they wont refund our fees if once paid....:drinking:Coz 3,35,000 is hard earned Amount of my parents....
What about You...???
is there anyone for VCU program?
can any plz tell me what the refund amount if we go for cancellation of admission from paying 3.35 lakhs. and whats the last date for doing so?
Waiting lists were released in 1st session also but we don't have idea as if how many candidates cleared the waiting list...
Faculties are not same (they can't travel frm one campus to other buddy) but there quality is at par wid the main campus faculty.
oK Kunal & any idea about the faculty..... if it is the same or with any difference for the two campuses.
were there any waitlisted candidates in 1st session ? if so then how many ppl got selected after being waitlisted ?
selection depends on your preference & your performance in the selection process + the academics/work exp/entrance exam score...
as per "Christ University" what we were told during interviews there is no difference between the 2 campuses.. the placements happen by a centralized process.. so al...
hi frnds!
Can anyone assist me wid the information as on wht basis are the students selected for main campus/ kengeri campus. Is there any difference in placements & faculty of the two campuses.... Please help me with an answer...............
Thanks for the reply.
I am waiting for my 7th semester btech result.unfortunately its int published yet. Will it create any problem for my admission... In admit card it is mentioned that students appearing for final semester are only given exemptions of submitting mark sheet later.
There is no verification by Vice Chancellor but yesss, everything will be verified in admission office. so kindly bring ur all marksheets, degree, etc.