Atma 2008 XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hi puys,
I am starting a new thread for ATMA 2008. Below are the details of this exam for year 2008.
Sale of ATMA application kits starts: November 21, 2007
Last date for Sale of ATMA application kits: January 14, 2008
Last date for receipt of c...
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Check this link for the institutes - About AIMS

Closing this thread since this is for the last ATMA exam. Please start a new thread for the ATMA exam in February 2010.

I am not an MBA, hence; I have to use my brains.
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which are the colleges that come under ATMA?
where can i get the list.please help
please close this thread
it has served its purpose
hi puys.... cn u plzz temme frm where can i get tha atma sample papers...
wats d severity level of this exam and how to prepare..???
plzz help me..!!!!!
do we have some live thread for ATMA 2009????????????? waitin for some reply
making this thread live again.
When will the form be available for this year?
Please address.
I guess this thread can be closed now As the purpose of this thread is over.
If U R From Maharashtra N With Reserved Category Then U Got Some Chances Of Getting Into Pumba Mbabt But Oms Or Open Category Then 1% Chance Of Getting In Pumba..............
hi guys i have got 86%ile in atma.any good colleges in pune,mumbai or blore which i can apply thru my atma %ile? i have applied to pumba.plz suggest sum gud colleges...
hi guys i got 86%ile in atma...i'm interested in mba biotech...im a life science student.what are my chances of gettin into mba-biotech?plz help me out guys....
i have got 84 percentile in atma . can any one please suggest me the good colleges that accept atma score
Hi guys!!!!
I've scored 99.55%ile in ATMA 08
what r my chances of getting into welingkar?????
& any idea about the number of people who took the ATMA 08?????
can anyone suggest some ok'ish colleges to apply with an atma score of 84 % ile... especially colleges in delhi... I have got bulaawaas from some of the colleges but m sure I can convert some better ones.. Pls suggest. :(
thnx in advance..
You shd visit this thread ... it got all info abt welingkar
hi, i got 97.73 percentile in ATMA 08
can anyone share his/her experience about the GD-PI ,Psychometric test. of welingkar..
It's of course not true.
hey Puys ... got 99.82 percentile in ATMA ...was wondering what all colleges I could get into through the CET media .... is JB within reach ? hope welingkar and Pumba are ...
ALso heard that sydenham takes only those with work Ex.. is that true ?
awaiting eagerly
as of my knowledge, they accept. If you want to clarify, you can call them.
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i don't think MITCON accepts ATMA score? R u sure?
You can directly apply to Dalmia.
download the form from website " N. L. Dalmia "