[2013-2015] IBS Hyderabad Queries XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hello all PUYS,
We are happy to solve your doubts regarding IBS admission. Just follow the link and get your doubts cleared from current STUDENTS as well as seniors.
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harshjaiswal hey friends i secured 72 in gdpi do i stand a chance for .... 19 Apr '13.
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what are the total fee of ibs hydrabad ( including hostal & etc) for 2 year....
can anyone please tell me the sylabs of ibsat exam?
There's no negative marking
1 mark per question..
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any negative marking ? and how much marks per question ?
are there any negative marks for ibsat??
n what was the last yr cut off for ibs hyderabad??
Is IBS Hyderabad AICTE approved?Someone reply soon,day after tomorrow is the last date of registration.Thanks!
@IBSIndia Why are you guys calling up people who took the CAT and asking them to write IBSAT? These calls are unsolicited and it is abundantly clear that you have obtained the phone numbers illegally and thereby infringed upon the privacy of individuals which is a legal offence.
@IBSIndia yes i saw what you mean . can you tell me about the hostel facilities there ? what is the fees for 2years and the rooms available?
@rmapollo Please check this link regarding accreditions of AACSB . IBS is a memeber of AACSB and has not applied for its accredition.
@IBSIndia oh i see now , thank you for clarifying that !!! but what is the difference in being a member and being accredited to AACSB then ?
@rtcoolbuddy The difference between MBA & PGPM is...
MBA - is a degree offered only at IBS Hyderabad, IBS Dehradun & IBS Jaipur.
PGPM - is a two year certification course called Post Graduate Program in Management. IBS Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune are independent pr...
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hey can ny1 clear me out with the difference btw MBA and PGPM and how will the placements will differ btw dez two...??
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    @rmapollo Thanks for writing to us. IBS Hyd does not claim to be Accredited by AACSB. However, it is a Member of AACSB. Plz check these links
    i am confused . the brochure and website say that IBS hyderabad is a member of AACSB like ISB hyderabad , but when i checked the list of AACSB accredited b-schools on their official site https://www.aacsb.net/eweb/DynamicPage.aspx?Site=AACSB&WebKey;=00E50DA9-8BB0-4A32-B7F7-0A92E98DF5C6
    it ...
    ohk i have registered 4 5 days back.
    @mbajamesbond Mr.Bond, if you have already applied for IBSAT, you will get an email with a Username & Password within 2-3 working days & the Admission kit will be mailed to the address you gave while registering, within 15-20 working days. If it has been more than 20 working days, plz contact us ...
    When will i get my admission kit?
    @asifpasha Work Ex will not be given any preference during Admission process. However, it will be useful while Placements.
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    @IBSIndia what are the chances one who have experience of 14 months in an mnc, while admission.
    @jitesh_dreams You need not worry about that. Students acquiring more than 75 percentile in CAT are exempted from IBSAT Exam. Plz concentrate on One at a time and you will do well.