[2013-2015] CMAT cut-off Predictions for colleges XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

PUYS, Now that we are done with the CMAT exam(AFAIK third CMAT is going to be for specific states only & I'm not in one of those states), let's start speculating cut-offs.
One thing I would like to mention is that the admissions in Maharashtra state(because that's where the top colleges under CMAT are) are going to be based on a composite score i.e. [CMAT score+GDPI score] as GDPI is a mandatory common pool stage.
So, while predicting please predict for a composite score.
There is still one confusion that the GDPI is going to be of 40 marks or 80 marks. If you have any idea regarding what it's gonna be, please share. Otherwise take your pick between 40 and 80 as it will be just a scaling thing.

Last year MH-CET was of 200 marks and GDPI of 40 marks. So a composite score out of 240 was considered for final admissions. I don't have much idea about cut-offs for aspirants applying through CAT.
Following are some important links:
Seat distribution for various colleges in Maharashtra:
Last year cut-offs of those colleges:

A manager will have to make predictions based on market survey and various other factors(which we will get to know once we enter one of these institutes. until then it's 'various other factors'). So, start predicting..

P.S. - Please mention the category of your prediction i.e. for HU, OHU, All india or even reserved category.
Thank you.
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  • SumiTrwt

    Hey.. I am appearing of CMAT 2014 second test on february. Is it possible that even after scoring good marks in cmat one is not able to get admission in good colleges as students from CMAT first test have occupied all the seats. ??

  • bhavesh200931

    Hello Friends, Bhavesh Here. Currently persuing BBA Last year. I Have Got 168 in CMAT FEB 2014. Rank:- 4286 out of 88942. Please suggest me Good B-Schools for MBA and also tell me good bschools in finance or IB

  • bitsbang

    Any idea about the admission process for JBIMS for year 2014 through CMAT 2014. If any please enlighten me. Urgently require some info on the procedure. I have searched their website which is directing me to the DTE Maharashtra website and it is utter crap, absolutely useless. And yes I didn't appear for CET.

    • B I U
    B I U Post
    some are saying jbims cutt off to be 285. is it for all india open category....
    More Survey material coming up...
    Here are some additional links of analysis done by some websites & institutes...
    (cetking is a venture of a JBIMS alumni)
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    ashishpai2001 cetking has not updated the website in quite some time, I.... 12 May '13.
    eduCATe hmm..may be they are waiting for may cmat results..Don't .... 12 May '13.