[2013-15] Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS), MBA (MMS) Admission Thread XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (also referred to as JBIMS or "JB" or just Bajaj) is the Department of Management Studies of the University of Mumbai (Bombay).[1] It is known for its post-graduate management programme.
The full-time Master of Management Studies (née. MBA) progra...
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AbhishekRotkar I am a OBC (non creamy) candidate from Maharashtra .Do I .... 30 Apr '13.
Aim2013cat is it through CAT too? I thought it was only by CMAT... 25 May '13.
Hey...is it necessary that the student must be present while submitting the fees? Can any one else do it for that student?
puys,any of u attended GD/PI for MSc Finance?
How was it?
By counselling, does it mean that people have to go through gd pi in cap rounds 3 and 4?
Hi Puys, any idea what the rank and marks of the person who got the lone seat in cap round 3?
UniQorn @rajatjain10 Oh ok, are you sure? Because JB hasn't decl.... 15 Jul '13.
rajatjain10 @UniQorn ....I guess....heard it from some people who we.... 15 Jul '13.
can i have look at this year's cutoff list for the dte colleges? (i am pursuing my mms from mumbai univ..just curious about my college's cutoffs!)
i m from kolkata.. how many seats in Jamanlal Bajaj is allocated for CMAT xam from outside maharashtra ??
rahul-srinivas @KUSHALBHATIA ! wats the cut off for a general merit stu.... 28 Jul '13.
KUSHALBHATIA @rahul-srinivas 336 marks.. 09 Aug '13.
Who all are vying for the 1 vacant seat at PUMBA tomorrow? Can you guys confirm whether you are going to PUMBA tomorrow or no. I'm 20 ranks behind the 1st guy eligible for the seat, confused whether i should go all the way to Pune.
Can somebody plz tell me the cut off of PUMBA,SIES and WElingkar for MMS for OMS?
Well I am looking for information regarding the MBA programme in JBIMS. I have come to know that they accept CMAT score. Can someone tell me whether they accept any other Exam score also? and I have heard that it is very difficult for people outside Maharashtra to able to get admission in ...
shubhanu22 @avikul43 man can i join jbims next year after taking ad.... 06 Jul '13.
warzero43 @shubhanu22 Most probably, yes. . 08 Jul '13.
Puys any idea whether MSc finance form could be sent by courier? or do we have to do it in person only
CAT'12 OA:99.12.  
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    Hi, can anyone please tell me---> What was the last rank/score at which an OMS candidate got JB? Please reply to this.
    next_big_thing @KUSHALBHATIA Wow! That is shocking. Is'nt there separa.... 03 Jul '13.
    rajatjain10 @KUSHALBHATIA ...Mate!!..just to correct..336 was the cu.... 03 Jul '13.
    Hey puys,
    Congratulations to all who have converted their dream, hope next 2 years are the best years of your lives. And wishing all others a good luck for future, may you get what you want in life.
    Only 1 HU seat in JB for round two.
    There goes all my chances at JB at 312.
    Aakashbhave I am not opting for sydenham. I will try again this year. . 01 Jul '13.
    Aakashbhave what abt you? whats ur rank? . 01 Jul '13.
    Any idea how many seats would be left in JB for round 2 ?? I see cutoff for round 1 is 315 mks.
    I have 312 Mks. Any chance of getting JB in round 2?
    aimJB The vacant seats will be displayed tomorrow evening on DT.... 28 Jun '13.
    I am allotted a college in cap 1 which was my 11th preference. If I don't take admission can I fill the option form of cap 2 with the college as one of the options?
    aimJB Yes you can. 28 Jun '13.
    There seems to be a great coincidence in the JB allocated list.
    Two people with such similarity in the name... are they sisters??
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    Aakashbhave Where did u guys see allotment list of JB? . 28 Jun '13.
    aimJB On DTE site one can see cutoffs of all colleges as well a.... 28 Jun '13.
    what is the cut off for OHU students this year ?
    scorpionhunter 321. 28 Jun '13.
    aimJB 321...State Rank 42.. 28 Jun '13.
    Is Work experience much required thing for cracking JBIMS? I mean i am a fresher just passed BE and i want to join JBIMS incase i score good. Will interview will be more on focussing why i didn't go for JOB. What is your suggestion. I have offer in Tata Communications that require too fieldwork a...
    aimJB Everyone have equal opportunity.. 25 Jun '13.
    JB is startng new course M.Sc. in Finance 2013-15 which is Full time 2 yrs course..!
    any 1 havng idea abt it..? is it worth doing it..? plzz help me guyz..! thnxx a ton...!