[2012-2014] XLRI BM / PMIR Call Getters Discussion for GD PI XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hi Puys,
Please use this thread for discussion related to GD PI of XLRI BM / PMIR.
Here are the links for last years' thread :
repeat post....
I have received my call letter. I gave my address as delhi so I received it there.
But my interview is in mumbai. I received the call letter by post and I have my interview date as 24 feb.
So don't worry you will also receive soon.
and ATB to all.
BM will not have any GD.
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Will Group discussions be there in BM admission process also?
When did you get your interview letter? and was it by snail mail or email?
You got snail mail or email? or is there any link for that?
mine interview date on 26 feb mumbai ...anyone else who have got ?
Can anyone please tell me when the interviews will be and how will we get the notification for it? Will it be posted on the website or we will get a mail for it?
I am not able to find any other thread for gd pi discussions. So puys, please do let me know if there is another thread that I have missed or we could start our discussions in this one.
Please excuse me if this has already been created.
My interview is in Mumbai. Can anyone tell me when would the interview date be scheduled.