[2012-2014] XLRI BM / PMIR Call Getters Discussion for GD PI XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hi Puys,
Please use this thread for discussion related to GD PI of XLRI BM / PMIR.
Here are the links for last years' thread :
Guys, you are answering a question a little too late for anon15 to have any use of it :P @visionIIM-ACL Kindly close this thread :)
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will we not get any email conformation for the GD/PI schedule??
@anon15 Yes, HRM will have GD PI
Meaning HRM will?
Login with your XAT id & password. On the page with your details, there would be a link to see your score card.
XAT Online 2012
I have a call for PMIR and my interview centre should be bangalore. However i havent received the dates yet. The problem is, my semester exams are between march 26th and april 11th. Supposing the interview occurs on a day i have the exam, can i change the dates??
i don't see any link to view score card after logging in . can some post direct link for scorecard.
does anyone have link to view scorecard ,I cann't find it on XAT Online 2012
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Xat 99.7
bm 18 mar
hr 23 mar
You can find the active thread here..Seniors also answering queries on this thread :cheers:
Hi puys,
I am wondering if there is any thread running for xlri call getters wherein we can discuss our action plan with seniors and seek their feedback. Offences regretted but I am not able to find any?
Seniors pl suggest?
A senior & some fellow puys called up Admissions office & were informed that the dates for Bangalore have still not been finalized. So you can expect it towards the end of march or april starting.
Which city bro??
sorry for replying so late
I received call letter for both BM and HRM ( XLRI ). My interview dater are
22 feb - BM
24 feb - HRM
Is there any person who has interview in Bangalore region and got his interview date(thru post)? If yes, when is it?
i received my letter throught post ....dont worry you will be getting yours soon.
Can you also mention for which programme (BM or HR) and college (XLRI/XIBM) you received the call letter ?
@adam0518 : Can you please tell us how did you receive the notification about the interview date and when ?
I am also expecting the notification but haven't received it yet. I too come in the Mumbai region.