[2012-2014] SIIB Final Merit List XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hey Puys! SIIB Final Merit List is out!
Congratulations to all who made it to the final merit list !! Please feel free to shoot all your queries regarding SIIB on this forum. Pack your Bags and be prepared to begin one of the best journeys of your life.
All those who have been waitlisted s...
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I finally got a call ...Converted SIIB-IB finally
If all the calls have been made, why did i get a seat offer?
Btw, i could make a call at the admissions office. they took note of the situation and told me to wait for their mail.
I have sent the reply mail as soon as i saw their offer mail. I have also been trying to call the admissions office since 7:30 in the morning but no one is picking up the call. Now, its almost 9:30 am and i am still not getting through with the call. Most of the time the phone line remains busy. ...
I understand your problem. Pls send a mail to admissions@siib.ac.in asap. Also, pls call up the SIIB Admissions office asap, inform them your SNAP ID and confirm your admission.
Admissions office: 020 - 229343 14 / 17 / 18 / 19
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Dear Mani,
i got the mail for IB at about 11:15 am today and have been asked to confirm the offer by 5 pm today itself. However, i checked my message only at 6:30 pm. Even though i sent the seat confirmation reply as soon as i saw the message, I am very tensed whether the admissions office wi...
Hey Seniors,
I have a friend studying in SIIB and he says the placements this year have been very poor, infact even 80% of the batch has not been placed, and that is the reason the placement report has not been put up while almost all top colleges have disclosed the placement report. Seniors, ...
Placements ain't good this year in SIIB guys...
Dear Friend
I am sure you must have got the Fee breakup for AB. Regarding your query for Migration Certificate I would like to inform you that it is mandatory to have a Migration certificate along with Transfer certificate as well as only Transfer certificate won't be sufficent.
So, apply t...
Finally got the offer letter . However need to bring some points here :-
1. In my offer letter fee break up is for E&E; and i am selected for ABM. I am afraid that banks are not going to entertain me as streams are different. I have already marked a mail to SIIB Admission cell regarding same....
guys sumone please guide me. I graduated lasted year but i gave snap this year.wastd a whole year but cudnt crack it. I realy wantd to make it to siib.. I was nt that gud at maths as am a b.com grad. I can very wel crack va and lr. Should i try for snap again meanwhile joining for m.com so that i...
Dear Friend
You are required to submit a declaration form which you will also get By E-Mail from Admissions Office. You will have to fill that form and send along with the Draft to SIIB.
Other eligibility documents shall be submitted once you start with the programme.
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Dear Aliya5
Please wait for E-Mail regarding Fee details as they differ for all three courses. You will get it by tomorrow. Till then join the SIIB FB group and you can get in touch with your fellow mates. Here is the link
Hope that hel...
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Same here.. Already paid fees at SIBM bangalore. Seniors please help. Nothing is mentioned in the mail about further procedure.
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Same here... Got the mail for IB at 4.24 PM... paid the fees at SIBM Bangalore.. Really confused.. Seniors I need your help again.
I know comparing colleges is not allowed and i dont mean to do that.. I just need some suggestions nd views so that i can make an informed decision..
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Got a confirmation mail today at 4:35 pm, however it didn't mention about the fee amount needs to be deposit and the time line for it. Also no mention of documents required. Seniors kindly throw some light.
Most probably I am joining...ATB Puys and thanks to seniors for their help
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Seniors please can you tell me abt the agri-business placements 2011 and 2012... did they have 100% placements???? Please reply...
Seniors please can you tell me abt the agri-business placements 2011 and 2012... did they have 100% placements???? Please reply...
No, not at all Ankit. Waitlist movement will continue depending on number of dropouts. I wrote that message just in case a new list comes up and someone does not check his mail account and loose out on days to arrange for fees. So, it;s better to be alert and aware of any communication in case an...
Dear Rohan
The Final placement report for 2010-12 batch has almost been compiled and will be out just within few days. Please wait for it and still if you have any doubt then feel free to ask.
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Dear Aspirants
Congratulations to all those waitlisted students who converted SIIB. I would suggest you all to regularly keep checking your mailbox for any intimation from SIIB and do not wait for any communication to come by courier.
We have a SIIB Facebook group for 2012-14 batch for all ...