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Welcome all SIIB Aspirants!!
The Admissions Team takes great pleasure in reaching out to you all. As we take the first step forward on this thread, we declare that we'll help you in the many steps that you shall take in the journey you've stepped foot on.
A brief introduction about the rev...
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What is the total fee (tution fee + hostel + other charges if any ) for the IB course...??
I m wait-listed for siib agri..this time they have not given waitlist number..last year on which number wait list stopped????is there any hope???
fingers crossed
All the very best to all of you
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hi can anyone tell me about the roles offered to students who pass out of agri biz course?
what profiles they are being offered in various organisations????????
Hey guys, people who got their GDPI dates done please update the sheet...it will help us to share each other experiences and learn more.....
I have a doubt in MBA IB course.. Is foreign language course mandatory or an elective.. ? When do the specialization subjects actually begin? (which sem ? )
Does every semester have electives ?
Thanks in advance.
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hw about carrier oppurtunities in doin mba in subjects like agribusiness nd E&E; from SIIB..???
hi anybody plz give me the route details from pune main bus station to SIIB.
will there be any buses provided by the symbiosis for siib from bus station..?
guys please proceed on this link
hey nice man...so how are you going about it...i have no idea....when are you getting to pune
I have mine on the same schedule
Had a couple of mock gds thats all.. i'm also planning to reach there by 4th evening.. didn't get the ticket confirmed though.. the interview process is same for ib, ee and ab.. so i think the gd is gonna be general and cant say anything abt pi..
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still...we can meet up..how are you preparing for it man..i have no freaking idea....and when are you coming to pune....i am getting there on the 4th:w00t:
Same day here... bt at 10:45
hi does anyone here has the SIIB(E&E;) interview on the 5th at 9:45.........let me know puys am already freaking out..
hey i have SIIB (IB) interview on 11 feb at 9:45 AM anyone having interview in same schedule and day please PM me we will go together. I am having tough time on planing the travel schedule. I am from DELHI:D:D
Hi anybody for 10th feb 9.15 slot???