[2012-2014] SIBM Pune Final Results and Related Discussions XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

SIBM Pune 2012-14 Batch final results ARE OUT.
Link for the results : http://oamssnap.blueshiftindia.com/sibmfinalstatus/
Congratulations to all those who have converted the calls !
Those who missed out, there are still many more results left and this is just the beginning of the amazing...
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Now this is wat i was waiting from past 2 years !
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@ankurgautam i m a student of one of teh nlu and apeeared for cat.. do u kno any one else who can help??
@divyamarwah : Since it is a percentile based system for the first time, it is difficult to predict if you'll get a call. You may refer to the current thread of SIBM Pune 2013-2015 admissions to see the general sentiment as to how much percentile is being predicted.
i have got a percentle of 96.395 in snap 2012. what are my chances of getting a sibm pune call?
@nipun1988 : Thanks for the information mate.The doubt came in my mind because last year,one of my friends who had a score of 89 got a call on one Friday calling him to attend the interview on the following Monday.
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@raj0712002 : Yes, the cutoff is common for both freshers and work ex guys. If you have a healthy work ex, cutoff will not be lowered for you but you will get preference over freshers as the intake process generally has some marks for work ex. Cutoff is the minimum score required to get an interv...
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Hi All,
I just had a look at the cut-off mentioned for SIBM-Pune for last year and found it to be 91.75.Is this cut-off common for all..I mean for lateral as well as freshers?I heard from some of my pals that for people having healthy work-exp(I too have close to 3 yrs work exp now and would...
Rajat, The mail is authentic:D!! congratulations and welcome on-board..
Offtopic... and no offence ment...
But 1 months since the college started and 10L of investment.... its DOMS for me.... sorry guys...the next person in the waitlist enjoy!!!
Well i too got the mail today. Just wanted to know the impact joining 1 month late would be having on my studies.
P.S : Have converted IIT Madras and am set to join there... but still in 2 minds...
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I have got a mail from the registrar today offering admission to the full time MBA program. The title strangely says "Admission 2012-2013". The mail id for the mail is "registrar@sibm.edu". Just wanted to confirm the authenticity of the mail before bursting with joy. I tried calling the registrar...
Don't worry about the accomodation facility at all dude, you'll be alloted a hostel close to the college, hardly 5 mins from the college.
Welcome To SIBM & Congratz
HEy puys, today i got a call from registrar office offering me the admssion. can anyone tell me about the accodomation and all...
Thanks mrinalkvbr.. Hoping to see you guys in campus soon...
Welcome to SIBM, & Congratz on your convert, there is lot of stuff going on over here, so maybe that's why they didn't pick up the phone,
try calling them early in the morning at around 11.
For joining the FB group, here is the link, but it may take some time to accept your request, so don'...
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Why no one is picking phone in admisions office? Its closed today or what..
Can someone tell me how can I join SIBM New joinees group on FB...
Hey Shraddha..
Congratulations for your covert...We welcome you to SiBM...
Hostel accommodation won`t be a problem at all..
try to join asap coz a lot of action is happening here..:biggrin:
I just got converted..recieved the mail today.. I know its late I would like to know about the hostel accomodation, Can anybody help??:)
Classes started on 11th of June, and yeah, it is gradually getting hectic. The professors are very good, some lectures have been outstanding. But for late converts, nothing to worry about. You could always learn from the others whatever you've missed.
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