(2011-13) DMS IIT Delhi GDPI Experiences XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hi all,
With the GDPI process starting today, use this thread to post your experiences. For the benefit of everyone, use the following format:
Academic Profile
Work Experience
Any other achievements/accomplishments
GD Topic and Experience
Interview Experience
All the ...
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hey!!by wat tym tym results cumin out??
ny guess :D
sjmsom n vgsom results r already out!!!
Hey, I am not senior but I heard from both the seniors at IIT B anD IIT D that all IIT results are coming tomorrow..
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Hi Hari,
Are the results of IITD coming out tomorrow (27-04-2011)?
hw much is the course fee
July 25. Orientation might be held 5-7 days prior to that.
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When will the course start this year ? I mean the exact date ?
I think it was mentioned in the presentation 91+24 (for telecom mgmt)...
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what will be the number of seats in DMS this year ? last year it was around 90 and the year before that it was around 50.
Its like this...one can commit suicide if one wants to, but one will not...
Since majority of exports from China are consumed in the US, the chinese and the americans are in a marraige of convenience...and they just cant simply part....
Unless china diversifies its markets elsewhere,...
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I personally think that since China owns a good deal of Fed bonds, it's upto them to sell these bonds when they want etc.. their motive behind this purchase is often cited as a -ve tactic to cripple the US economy..
One reason behind this purchase was to make yuan stronger. Besides, pouring tr...
First of all, a BIG cheers to IITD seniors!!!!
An completely organized process, patiently answered queries, a great presentation, less waiting time, no confusions, a quick bite at the canteen 'on the house
One sincere suggestion: Please post all the facts and info from the presentation t...
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Hi buddies,
Like this post's heading says...my first IIT experience in my life. The campus is astounding (barring accommodation, which can be excused considering the experience and knowledge one will get, post convert i.e). Will try to be as concise as possible..and the experience is just my p...
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It's expected to be out on 27th April.
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Any idea of prospective dates for final results????
Slot-morning 8 am
Btech ECE-8.77 (VIT,Vellore)
Work Ex-6 months (TCS)
Jmet Rank-386
Well one has to hardly sweat to know the process at DMS IIT D, the students are co-ordinating it brilliantly.
Introduction and p...
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5th March 1PM
Academic Profile
Xth - 89% CBSE
XIIth - 87% CBSE
B.E. (Computers) - 68% Pune University
Work Experience
TCS, 16 months
GD Topic and Experience
Global warming - How to arrest ?
The GD was smooth. Everybody got chance to speak 3-4 times. No fish ma...
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My IIT D exp
Introduce yourself
Why less marks in 12th
Which other calsll u ahve
What is fiscal deficit
Who forms five years palns adn Q related to it
What is ur job role
Anything u want to ask
Pretty cool panel. All in all a decent outing
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How can IIT delhi give weightage to X n XII marks without normalising between the diferfent boards.If they r doing this, it is strange as they r also going to IIM ways it seems...
Slot: 5th march 8.00 am
Academic Profile: b.tech in ece
Work Experience: fresher
GD Topic and Experience: topic was - social networking sites, bane or boon
the topic was so general that it was kinda fish market. i was sitting at the farthest end which proved to be my biggest disadvant...
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