(2011-13) DMS IIT Delhi Final Results XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

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the collected data:
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seniors , any scope for next list..? as the date for fee withdrawal has also passed now..
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Hi seniors
Can you tell us how many total seats are still vacant and whether there will be another list?
All those who are for sure joining DMS this year are requested to join the DMS facebook group for batch 2011-13 at https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk...356722131≈=1
Hi.. I had gone to vishwakarma Bhawan to deposit my DD there. I talked to mr. Vimal, looking into admission.As per talk with him, I doubt that there will be any new waitlist. I asked what would be batch size this time.
He replied - Is baar achha rahega.. Jayada bada batch nahi hoga. Last time ...
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You will have to give a letter of withdrawal, I believe. I do not have details at the moment. I'd suggest you call the department's office and find out.
As per information that we currently have, there isn't going to be a new waiting list. I will post an update on this if and when there is one.
seniors, any updates about the next waiting list ??
Whats procedure for withdrawal from the course
Fully agree wid u dude!!!n jus hope DMS authority go 4 another list..better late than vacant
Actually, there were buffer calls given out last year. As for the chances of another list coming out, as per the information that we currently have, there wouldn't be any. I will post an update on this if and when I get one.
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But still the iim's admission procedure is not yet over, i think 2 other iims arey calling more people for gd pi....i think some seats are eventually going to get vacant.
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1. I think comparing dis yr to last yr would not be a good proposition coz of d cat fiasco we had last yr and due to delayed cat results , everything got delayed, new IIMs (Ranchi, Rohtak,Raipur) coming late in purview , hence creating more confusions......BUT dis yr cat results were On-Time , ne...
Actually , my observation is entirely based on pagalguy's thread and previous year iit d result links. The source is authenticated that's why I was surprised.
And really hope to see next waiting list.. !
I dont think were buffer calls last yr..wat i know is dat last yr new IIMs movement happened quite late because of which w/l movement happened late..This yr result has come out early because of which lot of withdrawls happened..N still lot of seats going 2 get vacant due 2 old + new IIMs movement...
Now Im not hundred percent sure but I think there were Buffer calls issued last yr, however there was 0 buffer in all the lists this yr.
seniors..i was going through the last year waitlist movement..and I found that last year by now..there was a movement by 15 IN GENERAL and this time ENTIRE LIST in GENERAL has been cleared.. may be i'm wrong in my observation..could you please explain hw's that possible ?
and can we expect nex...
FINALLY.............FINALLYYY........it happened.....
As entire General wait list candidate has been given the offer to join DMS by 8th of July, Can we expect another waitlist (if some 15-20 candidates quit)!!!!
Seniors, May please reply!!!
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Congrats!!!! It means that entire general wait list candidate has been given the offer to join the course in this list.
Mayank You are through man!! ... So am I ... All your efforts have paid off!!
You can find the list @ http://www.iitd.ac.in/WAITLIST@ADMISSION.pdf
General till 93 have cleared. (I think they included the vacant seats of other categories in this list )
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I just called up the DMS office, It seems the list is in waiting for final committee approval and is expected latest by tomorrow evening. The person who picked up the call was very understanding in his reply. Hope it is true .
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