[2010-2012] DMS IIT Delhi GD/PI List out XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hi Puys
The list for GD/PI has been released and can be accessed using the following link: Result for Admissions to IITD MBA Programme (2010-12) Please post your GD/PI related queries on this thread henceforth. All the best to everyone.
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got a call at 2661 obc...........got call from all IIT's except IITM ........:banghead:
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Got a call and the GD was scheduled on 27th March 2010 8:00AM.
it appears that in general category calls were given till rank 495
Rank 495 - 77 marks
I did not get call with rank 521 - 76.75 marks
and it appears that there was no separate sectional cut off
First decent call of the season.....a bit relieved after the disastrous cat result.....
2007.....u too from MANIT
rank 675. No call. Was kinda hopin coz seats hav increased. Even CAT got screwed with 97.27.Wat am I gonna do.
got a call. 1105 obc nc
interview on 27march 1pm
hope it doesnt clash wid any iim interview or iit m interview
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MANIT which batch??
not short listed
rank- 521
whats ur rank??
finally.. phew.. gotta a call.. after missing iit-b by .25 marks
Says i m not short listed ... ...
Till what rank the call has been given..
relieved got a call.....................
ATB to everyone