[2010-11] Good MAT Business Schools XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hello all MAT aspirants !
I don't think you need much introduction for this thread. This is a new season thread for our well known Good MAT B Schools thread.
The basic purpose of this thread is to guide you in choosing the right B-School and giving you required knowledge to know the B-Scho...
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Whats the fee of Symbiosis like??
""You can enjoy your job only when you love what you are doing and not when you are forced to love something. And once , you start loving your job, career growth and money comes automatically . """
Awesome said sir !!!! Yeah what matters is the area of interest people do waste lot of time in ...
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A must read Post:
While applying for any b-school , just don't make its placement as criteria. This does not means to apply in any b-school.
ROI is a matter of concern . But , ROI does not refer to immediate placements which we get from campus. ROI refers to the value addition in long term...
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that should range between 4-5 lakhs.
@ Roshni,
As posted by Tarun Sir, these are some of the top most clg'es under MAT. Most of them have their records posted as 4-5L+. However in the actual scenario it comes up to an Avg. of 3L+. If you have the potential to score well try to get thru CAT, SNAP and other competitive exams, the c...
Average package offered by a clg is usually 2.5 L+. However in good clg'es having high records of placements, it shoots up to 4L+.
Now the avg. package you are expecting to receive depends upon the track record, reputation of the clg and ur individual performance.
i m referring to top colleges offred by mat
which colleges you referring to dear?
what you can do is. the best source is the college website. look for doucment called mandatory disclosure in their websites for avg placements.
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see the fact regarding these claims. maximum time they are inflated. they say average salary but actually what you should see is cost to company.. in certain cases companies also include rent of your cubicle. ;)
also you should not go for average salary rather go for median salary as av...
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but wats the average package offred by these colleges
NIILM-CMS calculates its avg sal by adding (highest sal + lowest sal) / 2. this figure is bound to give a higher avg sal. usually the scenario is someone gets a sal of about 11 la. p.a and all others get salary of about 2-4 la. p.a.
then the avg sal comes to around 7 la. pa. which is surely mi...
Sir, One needs to score well in any aspect of his life. However with my personal experience I have seen that the marks matters as a cutoff while you are given the priviledge to sit for the placements. During the placements, it is your knowledge, ability to handle things, adaptability to various s...
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Thank you friends for your awesome response and help !!!! You guys are really what i call management scientists !!
So i need to do a lot of research before jumping in to take admission.
And ROI is a great and important factor which should not be forgotten , but friends one more thing whic...
ROI is nothing but your return on investment as said by my fellow puys.
adding to what they have said.
it constitutes of
how much you put in= total fees+everything
how much you are expected to get= talk about average placement figures
your opportunity costs: what you would have got...
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A return on investment (ROI) calculation tells you what you get back for what you spend - and it's a great way to compare college costs. With the average cost for college rising, PayScale helps you figure out which school's tuition costs will return the biggest dividends for you after graduation.
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Return on Investment: How much you can get back after investing for a particular course in a clg!
Btw whats R.O.I. of a college???? o_o:|
Hey Priti
Point taken but because the thread is called 'Good MAT B Schools' hence i thought this post is very much relevant.
Batch 2009-11
Please don't advertise here about your college...its against the rules and regulations of the forum...I hope u know this as now u are an Expert Pagal now...not a Newbie anymore Sorry if I am being harsh.
U have already posted on" MAT B School Student Profile 2010" thread the same...double po...
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The BEST MAT BASED B-SCHOOLS IN TERMS OF R.O.I. IN INDIA ARE (Also mentioning the link for admission procedure) :-
1. SIESCOMS, Navi Mumbai
SIES - Indian Institute of Environment Management
2. Jims,Rohini
..:: Welcome to the site of Jims - Jagan Institute of Management Studies ::..
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