[2010-11] Good MAT Business Schools XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hello all MAT aspirants !
I don't think you need much introduction for this thread. This is a new season thread for our well known Good MAT B Schools thread.
The basic purpose of this thread is to guide you in choosing the right B-School and giving you required knowledge to know the B-Scho...
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6 lacs? seems to be inflated.... anyway 3-4 lacs is more appropriate. NIILM and IILM are 2 institutes of 2 brothers - Vinay Rai and Anil Rai. Due to a rift, these brothers got separated. NIILM seems to be more recent than IILM. In IILM, GSM takes CAT scores while CMS takes MAT and CAT. NIILM take...
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Hi ,There are many colleges listed under MAT. Some of them are Asia Pacific Inst of Management, IILM-lodi road,NDIM,etc. If you are looking to specialize in finance they are all good. Would suggest you also check my college - http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/mat-state-level-cet-related/58773-****-a...
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Hi puys,I am looking for Good MAT colleges in Delhi. I want to specialize in finance. Please help me out.
afaik iilm cms takes cat pgd m gen.
that i know,i wanted to know about these colleges.. how good these colleges are and their placement figures?? their average package and the things i mentioned in my earlier post regarding mandatory disclosure..
here is a thread for it
afaik iilm cms takes cat pgdm gen.
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i want to know about NIILM CMS gr noida, as per their mandatory disclosure they claim to have an average package of around 6 lacs?? is it true?? if not den what are the actual placement figures of 2010 pass out batch??
and some info regarding IILM CMS.. i think its the only AICTE approved IIL...
Puys please tell me ?How is jaypee business school Noida ????
Puys u can ask these institute specific queries on specific threads of colleges.
NDIM- http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/mat-state-level-cet-related/39572-ndim-new-delhi-123.html
@ i_am_single2008---> i have seen your post in Christ and Alliance thread.Try reading my last post on this thread, i...
FEB MAT 2010 won't be considered for the 2011-2013 MBA batch for Christ. You should have a score of 600 or more in the Dec MAT 2010 or 75+ % in the recently concluded CAT'10.
There is a 2nd admission batch for Feb MAT'2011 as well I guess but no info on that yet on there site.
Alliance - Se...
decent colz under MAT....avg salary arnd 4 lacs...u can go for it if u dnt have other better options....
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yea, JIMS Rohini avg salary is arnd 4.5 lacs...one of the best MAT colleges to get into...Mandatory disclosure is quite true according to me....have a couple of frenz ther....the cut off is 640 composite score in MAT...
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no one from christ or alliance to answer my query..
u qouted my NDIM query but didn't answer it,,
and one more query about JIMS rohini...
as per their mandatory disclosure they claim to have an average salary of around 4.5 lacs. Is info provided in mandatory disclosure is correct?? can we assume it to be true??
According to the any ranking of any abc magazines etc ..
Asia pacific ; placements hover around 3-4 L & that also depends upon your profile.
It is better to score more in mat & aim the high end MAT college.
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this college has put up list of around 40 students on their website of current batch with a average placement package of around 5 lacs.. is it true?? does this college has placements around 5 lacs..
guy i have got a call frm NDIM and my sep mat score is 91%ile...
how is the clg placement and other facilities..plz help??
Hey, last year there were some problem in internal management of Alliance so coaching institute's faculties advised not to join Alliance last year.....and Christ was among de-listed colleges from deemed universities...any updates on this part...whats the status now??
anyone got idea about this?
christ and alliance are among the better colleges that consider MAT score, both are good, but according to my personal opinion, i believe alliance has a better infrastructure, compared to christ, but again it is more expensive...
i am attaching the links for both the colleges, the students ove...
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i want to know about this institute ASIA pacific institute of management.. JASOLA?? how is this college?? does any one know about this college??-karandinghara
asia pacific either it is of jasola delhi or mohata delhi none of them is good . fee for asia pacific jasola is 7.5 lakh for 2 years...
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aicar b-school neral mumbai-good in terms of faculty and facility, fees below 6 lakh for 2 years can't say anything about placement bcz only senior from aicar can tell actual placement scenario